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It’s been almost two weeks since I got a rejection letter from an agent.  I take this two ways. First, I know that not getting a ‘no’ isn’t entirely like getting a ‘yes’, but avoiding a ‘no’ is better than getting one. (Whoever understands that crazy sentence gets to be mayor of Wackytown.)

But, on the other hand, I agree with Tom Petty as he sings, “Waiting is the hardest part.” I get to live the delusion that agents are out there, right now, mulling over my work with a serious eye. Oh, they want me, they want me bad…  But, I digress.

There’s rejection, and then there’s neglect. Take the 54 people who looked at chapter one of Chenda and the Airship Brofman yesterday.  I have to say that 52 of you didn’t leave a comment as instructed.  Oh, yes, I looked at the stats every 5 minutes. Just because Cherri commented 17 times (pointing out various and sundry comma errors) it doesn’t let you off the hook. Props to Honnoria for the comment I kept.

Feed the hunger of the comment junkie, people! I’m not getting paid to write (yet) so for the love of all that’s holy – stroke my ego! … or at least say you were there, or leave a pebble on my headstone or something.


Whiny Author.


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Today is the one year anniversary of this blog.  209 posts, 8,042views, 229 approved comments.  Wow.

The two most popular topics I have written on since starting this blog have been about being Fingertip dilated, and Fanoos Persian Tea house.  OK.  That’s not about ME so much.  It’s a blow to my EGO.  Help!Oh whatever…

Never the less, I really like keeping in touch this way.  Shout outs to my peeps that comment!  Love the Lynn, Hug the eTrish (thanks for this gift that keeps on giving), Tony, you rock, Jen – keep the faith, Bayou Woman, thanks for being the get up girl and putting it all back together, Deirdre you don’t have time for this – get back to that new baby!  Alias Mother – Who are you really? You are so funny yet so mysterious…

Now – to the lurkers who don’t ever post a comment, throw me a bone, will ya?  Please?  Wish me a happy anniversary or something…  Bambi?  Toni?  Sam? You know who you are…

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