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10 minutes! Yikes!

I’ve been gone for a week and can’t seem to find where to start!  I only have 10 minutes before I start out again and who knows when I can blog next???  Let me sum up Boston as fast as I can.  I will expand with photos later.

We saw the Harbor Islands, 1463 boats in the harbor – including a scooner, bardges, catamerans, tugs, ferries and a rowboat – the Museum of Contemporary Art, Paul Revere’s house, Faniul Hall, the Old North Church, Harvard, the Frog Pond and Tadpole playground on Boston Common, Fenway Park, the Swan Boats in Boston Gardens and a whole lot of the blue, green, orange, red and silver lines of the Boston T.

We ate Boston Scrod at Legal Test Kitchen, Clam Chowder at The Union Oyster House (Ahhh Yankee Cornbread!!!), Chow Foon in Chinatown and Cheesecake at Mikes Pastries in the Italian corner.  There were at least three pubs visited, and the bar food varied from sucko to great.

Times up!  Spelling fixes later…


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Lock Stock photo and barrelI bought a new stroller over the weekend. Well, new to me at least. And, all in all, I am satisfied. It’s a Baby Trend Double Jogger, and I got it on e-bay for $35 (local pickup). I like looking for baby stuff on e-bay, especially the bulky, short lived stuff. Buying it new is such a waste, as the kids grow out of things SO fast. Two years ago, I got my Exersaucer on line for $10 and we took a trip over to the far side of town (ok, WAY far side of town) to pick it up. We had the person who sold it to us meet us at the Cowboy Art Museum, and we made an afternoon of it. I bet, when Saralyn is done playing with it, I can get at least $5 out of it when I sell it. (Well the church garage sale will sell it and Lutherans will get the money, but you see my point.) ANY road, we got the stroller on Saturday and made the minor repairs yesterday that one needs to do with Baby Tend products: a little oil here and some tire air there.

This morning, I tried it out.  I took a serious treck to run it through its paces. The girls and I walked down the road to the Marcado for some butter, produce and pastries. I learned many things. Firstly, Saralyn is a good stroller baby, till she’s not. Her patience was 5 minutes shorter than our trip. She howled at the end, “Jane! Get me off this crazy thing!” The stroller itself has a little squeak in the rear left wheel, and it pulled to the right. A LOT. Baby Trend Strollers have a lot going for them, especially if you are a tall person, like me. They flow pretty well on their big bouncy wheels, but are hard to turn. So, if the stroller is pulling to the right, like mine was this morning, it’s a pain to keep correcting. I struggled with it the whole way to the Marcado. Half-way there, I had the girls switch seats to see if that would help; it didn’t. We walked through the market and I struggled, and then, just before the long walk home, I sat down to take a look at the wheel. I looked and though I’ll just give it a little twist. Wow! It worked! We sailed home with little trouble. Just the Saralyn wailing at the end.

I think this stroller will work out just fine.

I wanted it for several reasons. Firstly, we are going to Boston in a few weeks, and I will be taking the kids, mostly on my own, to many tourist destinations. Tony will be in conference mode much of the time. I have been managing to cope with both girls through a combination of little-one in the backpack and big-one walking. But that gets painfully old quickly after a few hours, let alone a few days. As Saralyn passes 22 pounds, this seems less and less like an option. Also, just after Elly was born, I really enjoyed taking morning walks with her. She’s eat her cereal in the stroller, and I would walk a mile or two. It was fun and good for my heart, waistline and soul. Two babies was more trouble, as I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on a double stroller. As this Boston trip came up, I started to berate myself. What are you waiting for, Fatso? You’re never gonna be able to walk around Boston of you don’t walk around here first.

So this morning, I got cracking. I don’t know exactly how far it is to the Marcado from here, but I suspect it’s about a mile. I was huffing and puffing, but I did it. Some say that pushing a stroller makes your workout at least 10% more effective. I believe it. Pushing close to 60 pounds of kids and 33 pounds of stroller makes a difference. Now, about getting the stroller on the airplane….

Lastly, I wanted the stroller so I wouldn’t have to drive so much. If you’ve just come out of a three-year sensory deprivation tank, you’ll be shocked at the price of gas in the US today. I’ve been watching it steadily climb all along and I’m near electrified with shock. So, I am vowing to park my car for at least one day per week, or two if I can swing it. However, I refuse to stay at home all day. I have to get out or the kids drive me bonkers.

Yea double stroller! Anyone interested in buying my used Baby Trend Single Jogger? Faded green. Full tires. Cheap.

As an aside, Eleanor hollered when we got home, “I gotta peepee on the potty!” and she ran in and went peepee. On the POTTY. Simple as that. I am so proud.

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