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Wean Meanie

Note: This is another blog about breastfeeding, or in this case, not breastfeeding.  You’ve been warned! Turn back now or it’s yours to deal with forever!

As of last week, I am biologically irrelevant to my baby.  Yup.  I cut her off.  No more boob juice.  Adios Areoles.  So long suckling.  Weaned.

We’ve been heading toward this for a while, slowly dropping one feeding at a time.  It wasn’t too hard to cut back as she drank more liquids and ate more solid food.  She and I got down to just a morning feeding, which seemed to be the best time ever.  Saralyn generally wakes before Eleanor, and we have some exclusive mommy-cuddle-time in bed before the day gets rolling.  Saralyn, however, grew teeth, and took up biting me when she was done.  So, about 10 days ago, I cut her off.

I always said I wanted the girls to get the immunization benefit of 12 full months of breast milk.  And I am very happy that I could accomplish that.  Neither has ever has a single drop of formula, which is SO expensive, somewhat unnatural, way over-processed and just smells bad – coming and going!  I’m pretty proud to have had the ability, time and support to give each child more than a year at the breast.  Tony gets HUGE props for being assistant milk manager.

But, I am sad to give it up.  I know that this special time with my girls is gone forever now.  I’m not planning to have another child, and I feel like a very special chapter in my life is over.  It pains me to think that they will never remember being skin-on-skin close.  The head nuzzles or the fuzzy hair sniffing.  I’ll remember for a while… but the minutes where they will just let me hold them close and tight are becoming fewer and farther between.

Saralyn, to say the least, has hated weening.  She’s grieved over it,  too.  She’s thinks drinking cold, whole cow’s milk sucks out loud, and spends her morning cuddle time tugging on the front of my shirt, and slamming her face into my chest.  She thinks that she will find what she’s looking for if she goes through the old motions enough. She’s even tried to get into granny’s shirt a few times.  Talk about barking up the wrong tree…

I’m sorry kid.  I really am.  I REALLY am.  But I can’t keep you a baby forever, as much as I may want it.  And it breaks my heart.


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Ode to my Breast Pump

Horkensnorfer, come sing your tune.
I need relief, and I need it soon.
The baby’s long been down to nap
and I’m burdened with ever mounting pap.
It’s cone, then star, then seal and handle,
Cap and bottle, we’re all assembled.
The pinch of the initial squeeze.
Then pray for let down, Oh, please, please, please….
Just an ounce or two, till the baby’s up,
The droplets quietly fill the cup.
Shhhhh…Shhhhhh…. the Snorfer sighs.
And, Eastward, the sun begins to rise.
It’s back to bed for me once more
Thanks to my faithful Horkensnore.

So, that’s what I thought of in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep because the baby wouldn’t wake up and I did keep poking her in the head but no luck, and, golly, this is really starting to hurt, can’t you just stay awake for a second and zzzzz….zzzz……

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Mama’s Boy

Saturday was a full and fun filled day out in Athens, Georgia.

Bambi, Amy, Saralyn and I (Tony and Eleanor had other plans, per my request) set off for an SCA event in (The People’s ) Barony of Bryn Madoc. On the way, we stopped for brunch at Mama’s Boy restaurant.

The story about how we got there is almost as interesting as the food, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

THE FOOD: We came for brunch. And that’s what we ate. I had the Breakfast Taco Plate, to which I added spinach and mushrooms. I like that their price to add fillings was very reasonable, just $.35 each. (All the prices) I liked the great flavor of the beans and the fresh tomatoes. The grits that came with were super creamy and very good. As a side, I ordered a salmon cake. Here I was a little disappointed. The cake was a little on the heavy and greasy side, and the field greens that came with were oily (I assume that this was to be greens in a vinaigrette, but mostly, it was just oiled greens) and too salty. I tasted some of Amy’s biscuit, which was, at first nosh, really sweet! Amy said she was pretty sure that it was the butter that was sweetened, but we weren’t sure. Taste first, butter second next time. Bambi, who came for the Peach Stuffed French Toast, walked away a little disappointed, I think. She said that she was hoping for more of a “stuffed” toast than a run-of-the-mill French with a peach puree drizzled over it. As a final note, The coffee was good, but I wanted a Latte. However, they only use whole milk for their coffees and I wanted non-fat (which makes better foam, BTW) so, I just opted for a decaf. Would I eat there again? Sure.

Breastfeeding SymbolTHE ATMOSPHERE: Super family friendly, bright and cheery. There were lots of kids, and the servers seemed nonplussed by messy toddlers and crying babies. I sometimes breastfeed in restaurants. I never want to make anyone uncomfortable, so if I can’t be discrete, I just go somewhere else. Like, to a car. Since Saralyn wouldn’t cooperate for breastfeeding under a blanket in the restaurant, I had to take her away. While I was sitting in the van attempting to get her to latch on, I saw the sign to the left posted by the front door. Hmmmmm…. I wonder if that is a breastfeeding allowed sign? IT IS!!! I’d never seen one before. I liked that I was welcome to feed my baby there if the need arose, and I also liked that the other patrons were warned that “bare boobs could be flyin’ around in here.” It was all so very ATHENS.

THE TALE ABOUT WHY WE WENT THERE: We had planned to go to Athens for a 12th Night Event. A Christmas party with a medieval bent. A few days before, Bambi, who is newly a food network junkie (welcome to the club), was watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay. He lost to a group of crepe makers, who’s website lists “friends”. The only restaurant that was listed in that group was Mama’s Boy, Athens, GA. Bambi thought, hey, we are going to Athens anyway, let’s take a chance. (She really wanted to try that French Toast). And there you have it.

Stay tuned for more restaurant reviews. (It seems reviews are becoming the most hit on part of my blog. I get a hit searching for Fanoo’s Persian Tea House almost every day!) I love to eat and write about it!

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