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He who owns Potential House called last night and rejected our offer.  Not even a counter offer was offered.  He looked at our ridiculously low offer and said, “We can’t afford to take a loss right now.”  Who can afford to take a loss ever?  However.  They are smoking crack to think that they will get the price they think they “need”.

I talked to the guy and it comes down to this:

Three-and-a-half years ago, they paid X for the house.

They wanted (X+$34k) for it in January, when they first put the house on the market.  They dropped it down to (X+$24K).  The house is appraised at (X-$20K), really.  We offered (X – $18K).  We are willing to pay (X+$5-10K).  The guy says he can’t possibly take less than (X+16K).  NO ONE’s house has increased that much in the last three years.  No one.  Especially those who have a chewing Jack Russell.

Honestly, the house is worth X.

There is no point today in offering anything else.  In a month or 6 weeks, we will make an offer.  It will likely be X.  And I hope the owners get a grip and realize that we are ALL taking a beating on our houses as we try to sell them.   Speaking of, we are going onto the market this week.  I feel like I have done all I can and all I am willing to do now.  I am sitting back and relaxing now, and spending all my time cleaning everything that will stand still.  I have looked at some other houses for sale in the neighborhood, and I say with some confidence and sadness, we have the Biggest and Best house on the block.

Using the same analsys:  We paid X for our house nearly 7 years ago.  We’ve put a TON of improvements in: new top of the line HVAC, remodeled master bath, master bedroom, and guest room, new fence and more.  I would love to get X+$20K.  I will settle for X+$15K.  I think I need to set the selling price at X+$30K so I can come back several thousand.



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There will be no new house for us.

To sum up, there were some issues of the neighbors and them encroaching on the property, the strong disapproval of my father (who has many a shabby property that he’s patched up on the thrift, so he knows some cheap workmanship when he orders sees it), and the convicted child molester living across the street.

Yea.  You read that right.  The neighborhood has it’s own sick pervert.  Note to self; check the National Sex Offenders Registry before you put a bid and earnest money on a house next time.  It’s the ultimate deal breaker, really.

I know that 23-year olds who have sex with their 15-year old girlfriends often times end up on this list, and, personally, that is more a case of being a low-life than a vile, sociopath predator.  I assure you that this guy is the real deal.  70-years old.  Convicted 4 years ago.  “Child Molestation”. Prison.  Creepy picture.

I don’t think I could live there if the house were free.  So, as our counter offer expired, we are off the hook, and get our earnest money back, and are free to look again.

The good thing is that we got started thinking about our house, and how we will have to sell it.  We’ve gotten a storage unit, and have started to fill it with the things we don’t need every day.  We are staging the house to get it ready for pictures and potential buyers.  I’ve packed up most of the excess kitchen stuff and my sewing room.  I’ve pulled down the peeling wallpaper in the guest bathroom, painted the walls, and rehung the fixtures and some new robe hooks and a shelf over the toilet.  (It seems that the old shabby wallpaper covered a number of sins, like holes, divits, and so on.)

So, now we are in a position to even sell our old house before we buy.  Our agent has set it up that when any house comes on the market in Wonderful Elementary school district, we’ll get an e-mail.  Very helpful.

So, we pack, we clean, we look, and we pay more attention.  I’m strangely saddened that the world has come to this, that there are enough perverts out there that they can be plotted on a map.

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