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My first review – from writer Kathryn Hinds.  Nice!

This is the story of Chenda, a pampered young woman suddenly left alone in the world, who embarks on a journey of adventure and self-discovery. First she makes a new friend, a brilliant professor of geology who is able to arrange for the two of them to get passage aboard an airship bound across the sea. On the voyage Chenda acquires two more companions, and begins to find new capabilities within herself. She has been told she has a destiny to fulfill, but as its nature gradually reveals itself, she is more surprised than anyone.

I had high hopes for CHENDA AND THE AIRSHIP BROFMAN when I first heard of it, and I was not disappointed. This was a fast-paced read that I found hard to put down, always eager to find out what would happen to Chenda and her friends next–how they would meet their latest challenge or deal with their newest revelation. In all, I would characterize this as a very satisfying adventure story, mostly a light read but with occasional moments of startling depth and insight. Moreover, it was such a pleasure to spend time with these characters that I was sorry to say good-bye to them when the book ended–hopefully they’ll be off on another adventure in the not-too-distant future!”


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I just uploaded Chenda and the Airship Brofman to Kindle! It should be available in 48-72 hours! Whoopie!!!

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I actually really love it when FireFox updates in the middle of the night and wrecks my session while I sleep. It gives me that little “Well, this is embarrassing…” page.  OOps! We’ve forgotten the 3 bagillion pages you left open.  Wanna start a new session?

Sure I do. It’s nice the way they take responsibility, and then move on. (Take note Cheeta Tiger Woods.) So here goes.

I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks. ANYWHERE – not seriously anyway. This is embarrassing. Forgive me?

Whew! Now that the grand apology is out of the way. HI! I’ve been really busy lately. Holiday. Book publishing. Whatnot.

The Thanksgiving holiday went great. People came. My parents cooked the bird. Everyone else brought sides. Very warm room. I loved my tasty mushroom loaf. Very few leftovers.

Speaking of pigging out, the diet and exercise are paying off. As of my trip to the gym yesterday – the official weigh in place – I’m down 19 pounds. Very pleased.  (Yeah, I was just too weak to write before, that’s it!)

Looking for a house – still – this is embarrassing! Too annoyed to discuss, so I will just sum up: 6 houses offered on – no contract. BA!

Eleanor is a working hard on her preschool Christmas play – she’s a cow. She has several speaking lines – mostly of the “moo” variety. He principal says she know ALL the words to ALL the songs, and she was rather impressed with Eleanor. I am, too. She is very attached to the Little Mermaid soundtrack we have on endless loop in the car. Filling the roll of both diva and director, she assigns parts to everyone, “YOU! You’re the sisters, you are Sebastian, Sara – this song is your favorite! Now, Mommy, YOU sing!” Eleanor and Saralyn are ALWAYS Ariel. I need to get Tony to secretly video the two of them singing “Part of that World.” Elly is rather off-key and Sara doesn’t know how to speak all the words. It’s about the most charming thing ever.

As for my third baby – my book – I have my first books signing coming up next Saturday – 12/12 at 12-noon. Sara’s Godmother Sam is offering up her shop on Main Street for me to have this shindig. I’ve spent hours on Vistaprint designing tee-shirts and post cards  and trying to figure out how to get the most free stuff. I’m getting pretty good at it. Who wants a Chenda Tee? I have been invited to two Sci-Fi Conventions – Chattacon in January and Deep South Con (Charlotte) in June. I’m frustrated at Chattacon already (my contact there is way slow with the details) but have high hopes for DSC. That reminds me – I need headshots.  Who will trade Photography Services for books? Anyone?

This weekend is the Lilburn Christmas Parade – an annual tradition for me. I really like this parade. I hope to see you all there! But, if you see me, don’t bring up my dearth of blog posts; it’s just too embarrassing.


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Here it is: My book is available at AMAZON.com

Check me out!

I’m tickled. My tail has been wagging all week.  This is one of the greatest things I have ever done!  I love that it’s out there. Forever. (Gulp!)

I proud and thankful and just a whirlwind of emotions. Thanks to everyone who supported this effort. Now – go buy the book!


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I know you have been waiting with baited breath for the podcast of the first two episodes of Chenda and the Airship Brofman! WAIT NO MORE!  The adventure awaits at CoalCitySteam.com! Go on, go! I’ll wait!


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I spent the whole morning cleaning out Saralyn’s closets – sorting the piles into Consign – Goodwill and Junk.  I took a whole diaper box of too small clothes to the consignment store, lugged them in, got a gash of a paper cut from the box and found out that they don’t do kids clothes any more. What they did have – balloons out front.  Guess who cried all the way to the next consignment store because she wanted a balloon but couldn’t have one? Sorry, Saralyn… The other store made it feel like giving up a kidney. They said 40 times I was entering a BINDING contract. Whatever. The next stop is Goodwill for these clothes if you don’t take them.  They did. I was happy – now – how much will I get for them? I guess I don’t really care.

It’s seams really unfair that ALL I did today was fold, sort and organize clothes, and MY laundry is still in giant piles on top of my dresser waiting to be put away!  It is nice that all the girls’ clothes now have room to live in their dressers.  But mommy “burnt toasted” herself again. (You know that mommy syndrome – where you make breakfast for everyone, and you get left with the burnt toast? It’s the mommy way…)

Tomorrow is picture day at school – Eleanor got to pick what she wanted to wear this year and she picked her overalls. “My very own favorite,” she says. Now, if I can get her up and moving in the morning in the direction of the shower… that will be a miracle.

Who want’s to see the cover of my book?

Chenda cover galley J

I love it!  What do you think?
It will be available soon – VERY soon – In time for ALL your Christmas shopping soon…

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CONTEST! Tell a friend about Chapter 1 of Chenda and the Airship Brofman and then comment here telling who you told and why. I will select a winner at random and send you – by email – Chapter 2. (Tell a friend and comment by Friday at 7PM).

You can earn a bonus entry if you go to the facebook page and become a fan of CHEANDA through this link.  Thanks to all of you who are helping me build a fan base! We’ll get this baby published in no time!

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