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The Storybook Tree

The Storybook Tree

Last night, when the kiddies were all tucked in their beds, Tony and I got the Christmas out.   As we are trying to sell our house, we just got the tree and the stockings out, and one or two other little things, but I feel better now having it out.

This years tree is a story book tree.  It has all the books on it for which we have coordinating toys: Elmo, Biscuit the puppy, Grinch, Curious George, the sheep books, Mickey Mouse, Maisy the mouse and so on.  It really turned out great!  What do you think?  I do a different theme tree every year and usually try to do something with what I have on hand, which means ‘on the cheap’.

Elly wandered into the kitchen with me this morning, saw the tree, gasped and froze.

“It’s Merry Christmas Day!” she said.  I explained that Santa came last night and hung the stockings and put the tree together for us.  If she’s really good, Santa will come back and bring her presents.



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For a day that had no plan as of yesterday, we managed to have a big day today.

Bambi the girls and I went to the Atlanta History Center this morning and I got a membership there.  I’ve had a membership there before, but not for a few years now, and I am looking forward to having some good times there very soon.  We went to see the Jim Henson Exhibit.  So worth the going.  We made paper puppet faces and watched some videos and then took in the traveling exhibit.  Eleanor kept knocking on the glass cases with Rolf the Dog and Ernie in them, as if they contained sleepy ferrets at the pet store.  I told her that they knew they were in a museum so they had to sit real still.  She wasn’t buying it.  Elly RAN though the exhibit, tapping and glancing, with Bambi valiantly chasing after her.  I caught up with them at the gift shop, where Elly was really having a fun time touching all the stuff.  Saralyn, of course, just took in all the sights with me, hardly making a peep.  I was disappointed that the display covered LOTS of The Dark Crystal costumes and accessories, but had about two words for Fraggle Rock.  Just sayin’.  Love those Doozers.  After Muppetville, we got our Southern Belle on at The Swan Coach House.  Here is where the Social, cultured women of the South go for a lunches, showers and receptions.  Somehow, we riff-raff manage to slip in amongst our betters.  Today, it took the better part of a very painful half-hour.  My out of gas children were less than pleasant while waiting.  There was at least one spanking, and could have been more.  But the service was impeccable, despite my children’s best efforts to wiggle away.  Food fixes everything for them.

We picked up films at the video store and went on to Garden Ridge to look at artificial Christmas Trees.  Some are better than others.  None of the pre-lit trees, however, featured twinkling lights, and that is a deal breaker for Bambi.

So we went home for a baby bath (Saralyn has WAY bad diaper rash today, poor sweetie, and the bath is a soothing place to sit) and nap, and 90 minutes or so of Tinkerbell for Eleanor.  It was as vapid as you might have expected, thanks for asking.  Bambi took the opportunity to nap and I IM’ed with a friend inside the computer who is desperately in need of a care package.  Which led us to Trader Joe’s.  I got a bunch of stuff for my friend, and stuff for me, too.  Then, because it was right there, we went to a nice Thai restaurant for dinner.

Eleanor was sulky until the food came, but she always is.  When she is hungry, she start to be a real brat.  It’s moments like these when I seriously consider sending her to a really nice boarding school in Switzerland, but there is never an application for such at the restaurant.  I tried my best to entertain her till the lettuce wraps arrived.  We planned to then go by the house for just a minute and then go on to Snowflake Lane at Stone Mountain, but before we could stop by the house to drop off Bambi’s car, Eleanor fell asleep in the back seat.   So, no Stone Mountain tonight.  Eleanor is sleeping in my bed, and I may go sleep in hers.  There’s a twist to end a wild day where we were tourists in our own town.

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