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Monkey see…

I found a lettuce in the small appliance cupboard this morning. It was shoved into the glass pitcher of the blender . Methinks DNA testing and fingerprinting are not necessary. I think I can collar the toddler responsible for this abuse of produce, and her name rhymes with Smellenor.

She’s been watching me over the last few days as I go through the kitchen cleaning frenzy, and wants to help. Or at least mimic. Alas, she is a little short on the details of what helping really is. Oh, well. She’ll figure it out eventually or I’ll be forced to chain her to the wall.

As I type, she’s emptied the food storage boxes and hand towels on to the floor. Good grief.

She will be starting school a week from today, which makes ma happy AND sad. I want and need he to go to a school where mom is not the teacher, but I will surely miss her all day. I also worry that she will be a bully or a pain in the pooty to her teachers. I don’t want her to turn out to be the mean kid, or the bad kid. I want her to be happy at school. And good.

Her latest thing, by the way, is when she says “Bye Bye,” she also says, “Don’t get bug bites.” Her grandfather said to her “Night, Night, Sleep Tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite.” She has no clue what a bed bug is, but only that they bite, and other bugs bite, so “Don’t get bug bites” works for her. It baffles everyone else, though. I love her funny phrases. I hope she brings a boatload home from school. I hope she doesn’t bring home too many colds or other bad habits.

We will wait to see what she will do.


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And then I turned around…

So, with the fridge rockin’ the freshly cleaned look, I the had the misfortune of opening the kitchen cupboards.  Oh. NO.  A half dozen spices fell out and I was steamed!  I pulled EVERYTHING out and threw about half of it away.

How do we manage to collect 75 (no I’m not kidding) fortune cookies?  Who knew we ate so much Chinese food and so few of the cookies?  What’s with the 2 half used Hershey’s Extra Dark Cocoa Powder?  and the 3 kinds of grits?  4 – year old jell-o anyone?

Now, I have shuffled and discarded and made all the baby food into one neat stack.  Ahhhh….

I have no idea what’s come over me!  So, if you are slightly overcrowded, disheveled, or expired, stay out of my path.  I’ll clean you within an inch of your life.

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