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Self propulsion

HEY!  While I was writing that last post, Saralyn learned to crawl!  At least I think she did.  She moved herself halfway across the den!  YIPPIE!   Keep on scootin’!


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Saralyn turned 7 months over the weekend. WOW! Time is just flying!


Saralyn has sprouted hair. It’s not baby hair exactly, more like the fuzz one finds on a peach or baby pig. It’s the type of hair that grows OUT instead of down. I have a feeling this will be hilarious soon. Oh, and it’s red. Ish. Sort of. I honestly can’t put a name to either the texture or color. Bizarre.

Saralyn has become quite the victim of gravity. She’s started to wiggle in the direction of things she wants, or just aimlessly flopping hither and yon, and has fallen off the bed or couch more then once, but, thankfully, she has not hurt herself. So, it’s the crib or the floor for her from now on. I’m gonna call it pre-crawling.

New foods have met the wee one. She’s had mushy pears, bananas, apples, peas and sweet potatoes, with varying degrees of success. She had been enjoying getting one meal of baby food a day, but I’ve stopped feeding her solid foods in the last week. She’s been throwing up on the solids, so I am going to hold off again and see if, in a few weeks, we can avert the spew.

There are no signs yet of teeth or words. She makes the cutest little sounds and some pretty big lousy sounds, too. It’s hard to predict her chatty periods. She will not cry or talk for hours and then she will chatter vigorously for several minutes, sometimes smacking her palm on the table or floor. Tony calls it her Nikita Khrushchev moments. “If I had a shoe, I’d bang it!” we imagine her saying! “Unfair to babies! You have snacks and I don’t!!!”

She still wakes up in the morning with out a whimper, and she plays with her feet, waiting for me to come collect her for first breakfast. She’s much more able to interact with her sister and hold herself up. Eleanor does still squash her thrice daily, however. The girls are more tolerant of each other than they are with me, especially Eleanor. For example, when Saralyn grabs a handful of Elly’s hair and pulls it clean out, it’s OK. When Mommy come by with a hairbrush, it’s like I was skinning her alive! I sometimes toy with the idea of cutting her hair, but I think that, in retrospect, would be a huge mistake.

Saralyn has beautiful, pale skin, which I think will burn to a cinder in the summer sun without SPF 75 applied with a trowel twice hourly. I also clip her fingernails every three days or so, because she rubs her ears and forehead when she’s tired, scratching herself to ribbons. She’s a good patient when I whip out the clippers. Nary a fuss. (Unlike Elly, who twists like a snake to get away from me. I usually end up just sitting on her till the digits are devoid of excess nail growth. This takes forever. Eleanor never believes me when I tell her this would be a quick process if she would hold her hand out and be still, but that’s another blog.)

The girls in a horserace where Daddy is the horse.

Having both girls is a logistical challenge, but I realize that I just need to take as much time as I have to take to get where I’m going. Keeping the schedule is sacred. I HAVE to get the kids up at the appointed times, and fed at the appointed intervals. Life is so much better when you have anchors throughout the day. WHAT they get fed and WHERE they sleep hardly seems to matter. I also have to stop slogging through my days and actually spend more time enjoying my kids. They are super fun people, and the dishes can wait.

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