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Tony and I really loved dating.  That is why we got married, after all: we really enjoyed dating each other.  For years after we wed, we continued to go on dates.  Then came the children.  We’ve thought of going on dates, and haven’t really found the time.  In fact, just before Saralyn was born, we went out on a date and realized that we’d somewhat forgotten how to do it.  We’ve not been on a real date in a long time.

And as of last night, the meaning of date night changed.  Eleanor had a play date with her friend Sienna.  Sienna’s mommy Laura and I planned for the girls to have a mini-Halloween party where the kids would enjoy some fun together and watch It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  We made pizza, and the girls got to make their own mini pizzas, we had root beer and popcorn.  We did a practice trick-or-treat, and it was great.  Mommies and Daddies had a good time telling jokes and laughing at little girls.  Wonderdful.  It felt like this is what we should do every Friday.

Earlier in the day, I wasn’t sure that Eleanor was going to make it to her Halloween date.  Bambi and I took the girls to Dim Sum for brunch.  Eleanor enjoyed herself and Saralyn ate LIKE. A. PIG.  Then we went over to the Target Photo Studio to for the Halloween Photo Shoot.  Saralyn was a pro, but Eleanor took an instant dislike to the photography process.  She wouldn’t smile, stand up straight, hold her sister, stand, sit or kneel where she was told.  In short, she was a BRAT.  Crying, kicking, pouting and fussing like a spoiled supermodel.  With out any of the modeling.  We told her that she could have a cookie if she behaved, but in the end, I was down to threatening her with crust of bread.  While we were waiting for the photos to be loaded so we could select our prints, Eleanor was put with her nose in a corner and told she was headed for a spanking if she so much as moved.   I cooled off after a few minutes (and I had so many minutes while waiting for the Photographer to stop making those stoopid composite shots.  I never want those. I’ll speak up about that next time.)  I walked Elly around and pointed out the sample photos on the wall.  “This little girl stood still, so she had a pretty picture make.  This little boy sat up straight, and he looks so cute in his picture.  This girl smiled and looked at the camera, she looks so happy and made a great picture.”   Of the 9 poses we bought, 6 of them were of Saralyn.  The baby got a special sitting that involved a birthday theme and a cup cake.  What.  A.  Mess.  Eleanor’s pictures were marginally good at best.  I am so mad at her for being bratty as I wanted a good picture of the girls in their costumes together.  I’m going to make her practice with me every day this month so when we go back for Christmas Photos, it will be a better experience.  I also think that seeing that Saralyn got more pictures, not to mention a good girl cup cake, will be more of a teacher than I can be.  Eleanor HATES it when Saralyn gets more attention.

How do you deal with photos?  Do you think going to the photo studio is fun, or a pain in the bumbum?

Well, I’ve got a date with my girls at the library!


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Two kids, especially to very small kids, are generally a pain in the hookah to get out of the house and off to a nice dinner. But, the little boogers didn’t stop us last night from having a family date night. Tony and I have had date night for… I guess our whole marriage. It makes sense, really. We decided to marry because we LIKED dating each other, so why stop dating once we were hitched? Date night! DATE NIGHT!!! (Say it with me like you are announcing a monster truck rally!) DATE-ate-ate….. NIGHT-ight-ight….!!!!!!

I tell Tony early this week I want to have a Family date night, taking the girls and Grandma and Bambi to go to FANOO’s Persian Tea Room. He’s never been and has no idea what the place is all about and doesn’t actually care to go across the top-end of the perimeter at rush hour on a Friday night EVER (think 7-th layer of hell with a bleeding hangnail + lemon juice). Atlanta traffic has caused more familial strife than Vegas showgirls, I’m sure.

ANY way, I get everyone in the car, and off we go. It’s only about 12 miles over there, but it takes close to an hour in the nightmarish traffic. But, MAN ALIVE, was it worth it.

Fanoo’s is a little place in a strip mall in Sandy Springs, Georgia. I’ve often thought that the best foods in the world (at the best prices, too) can be found in strip malls. Not that it means anything, but right next door to Fanoo’s is a Ballroom Dance Center (I like to peek in and see the dancers going at it, so talented!) The narrow entryway (to Fanoo’s, that is) looks like a little alley, which opens into a courtyard, complete with bubbling fountain and an area that looks like a balcony terrace. One can choose a traditional table and chair seating, or the raised bankettes, where one dines shoe-less on Persian carpets and soft cushions before a short table. We opted for the bankettes, planning on penning Eleanor into the back of the giant U made of the cushions and table. She was frightened at first; after all, the music and lighting were weird, and Dad wanted to take her shoes, and and there was this different smell and “I want to stick my fingers in all the lit candles” and “WHaaaaa!!!! I’m two years OLD!” (Just the usual kind of I’m hungry tantrum….)

While the other ladies settled in, Tony walked Eleanor to the bathroom to wash up, and we got to the business of ordering some appetizers: Roasted eggplant and cream, yogurt with garlic, Persian cucumber salad and hummus. All of the first course dishes at Fanoo’s are delicious and not a one is over $3. Some day I’m just going to have ALL the appetizers brought to the table and just have that for dinner. Elly finally go into the swing when the hummus came. She liked spooning it onto Bambi’s plate, and dip-dip-dipping her flat-bread into it. There is always a plate of feta, radish, mint, other herbs and pickle that come to the table as a starter, too. Eleanor refused to touch the pickle, further leading me to believe that the morning barf was pickle induced. Mom and Tony also ordered some excellent hot tea (served in a traditional Persian style, in little glass cups with lump sugar).

Then we ordered some dinner. Lots of kabobs and Cornish hen and the like were had, and the meat is wonderful (I had some perfect lamb!), but the sides of rice are the specialty of the house as far as I can tell. We had no less than 4 types of rice between us; Tony had plain, Bambi had the sour cherry, I had the lentil with my lamb, and Mom got the orange.

The sour cherry tastes like you are eating a bouquet of roses. It’s not sweet, but it’s aromatic. The lentil was recommended by the waiter. I was going to get the orange, which is my favorite, but he said the sweet wouldn’t go with the lamb as well as the savory rice. So I let him be my guide. He was right! It was nice. The orange, however, sigh, is to. die. for. It’s sweetened with orange peel, apricots (I think) and other dried fruits and almonds. Frankly, I could just eat a plate of that and be happy! It would really be good to take the leftovers and simmer it in mild for the world’s best rice pudding. But, I digress…

We ate, collectively, with reckless abandon. We passed around all the dishes and tasted what everyone else had. Elly ate and played with the water glasses. (Note to self: don’t let the toddler have a footed water glass. Large wetness factor.) The child eventually had a high time running around the bankette and playing with the cushions, and Elly liked having all of us, essentially, at eye level to her. She, at one point, was fixing Bambi’s hair with a hummus spoon. (Bambi just said,”Hair washes…” and let Elly keep going!). The toddler and her daddy got in much wrestling, too. Elly even managed to wiggle under the very low table to come see Mommy and share the peace rice!

For dessert, there was baklava. Not usually on the menu, the mother of the waiter’s friend had made some, and he brought it in to sell. It was very good, and we all shared a piece.

It was such a wonderful outing, better than any we have had in a LONG time. Why did this work out so well? Perhaps it’s because Tony took a nap the whole way there, which he needed. And the lights were low, the food was good, the price was fair, the restaurant loves kids, Saralyn slept the whole time, our shoes were off, our guards were down, the powdered magical unicorn horn spiking the hummus kicked in and Bob’s your uncle.

I guess I shouldn’t question when the stars align, cause it just doesn’t happen enough. I just had a really, REALLY good date night with my family.

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