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Fast and loose

What’s new with me – I’m grooving on a spiritual fast. It’s really been going very well.  I’m on day 6 of a 21 day fast and am very happy.

Why? Good question. I’m tired of being angry all the time, and needed to refocus. I’m tired of being tired all the time and having my clothes not fit. I’m too busy to be unhappy – so a friend suggested the Daniel Fast, and I took a leap of faith, and started it on a whim last Friday Morning.

To sum it up, you give up just about everything except for water, fruits, veggies and whole grains. I’ve made some changes to the rules to suit my life and body, but that’s hardly the point. On a fast, one spends one’s time in reflection, the food is just a conduit for that focus. It’s really nice to be in touch with the Lord that way.

What are my variations? I eat fish every other day. I just know me and I need the protein and essential fatty acids. I’ve given up bread in exchange.  It’s a trade off that works for my body.

I feel focused. I feel happy. I knew I needed something to get me through the Halloween season without feeling ashamed of myself.  It’s doing that. I thought I would try it for 10 days, but the traditional fast is 21 days or 40 days. Now, on day 6 – 21 doesn’t seem like too far of a goal. Really – I feel great! I love any challenge that breaks me out of a rut, or challenges my skills as a cook. (I just made up a vegan avocado cream to top the Veg Chili for to night. Awesome!)

Before you all ask, no, I’m not taking the family along with me on this one. I make food for them that suits them: meats and cereal and sandwiches. I enjoy my (mostly) vegan meals and everyone is great.

By the way – I’m losing about a pound a day. That’s a sweet payoff. Hoping that my pants will loosen up by day 21, because I’m NOT going to buy new fat pants.  Uh-uh. No way. Praise the Lord to that. Amen.

PS – read the article in June’s O magazine on relaxing yourself thin. It helps soooo much.


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The 25 point lunch…

… was worth the 2 -point soup and carrot stick dinner.

I love Pho.  Which is to say – I love going to Little China at the far end of my street and sitting down with dishes I just can’t get most places.  Today’s lunch involved Vietnamese Noodle soup, Chinese bakery items and a crayfish rice stirfry.  Spilt among 5 people – it was still too much food.

I should have just stuck with the nice 4-point Pho. But a bit of bun from the bakery was so good, and the rice – to die for – and the sesame ball, well, that  was half the points right there.

Still – worth it.

It’s funny that at one end of my street is Chinatown and at the other, one can find little India.

I like living sandwiched between.

Sadly – the schools here still suck.  I have another year to figure it out.  OK. A little less.  But next time I go for Pho – I stick with the Pho.

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Guess who got all snapish today.  Three guesses and the first two don’t count.

Here’s a a clue: She started a diet in the second half of her “woman cycle” while trying to take two little girls to swimming lessons where one is SURE to poop in the pool, and the other is being bossy.

I’m telling you now: you spill ANY more juice in here, I’m going to spank you till you are BLUE!

Do we understand each other?

I thought so.

Anyway – I joined a gym today. I have not gone yet, but I have joined. They have childcare. $2 per hour.  I may go to the gym and just work out so I don’t have to watch the kids.  Sounds like a WIN-WIN to me.

I also made high fiber, weight watchers, triple-berry banana muffins with Elly this afternoon. Those surely are the best two points I am going to eat today. Mmmmm… Colon blow.

SO! Now that I have a gym membership – how will I use it?  What’s the best course of action at the gym?  Can someone make me a checklist? Truly, I promise I won’t bite your head off.

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Horror Show

I got down on the floor this morning.  There it was, hiding under my dresser – my scale.

I brushed away the dust, Indiana Jones like. I think it saw me coming and shuddered. I got on it and there was much crying and gnashing of teeth. I cried, too.

It’s bad, folks. Really bad. Out of control bad. The diet starts NOW bad.  I saw a picture of myself on Saturday and died a little inside. Yick. I’m so ashamed of myself.  It took a lot of steaks and fine wine to get here. Now it’s going to take a lot of carrots and celery to get it back off.

So, here’s the plan:

  1. Join the gym.
  2. Write down what I am eating each day.
  3. No sweets – at least for the first week. Then the one sweet rule applies.
  4. Nothing fried.  Ever again.
  5. YOU help keep me honest.

Give me the stink eye.  Ask me if I went to the gym.  Demand progress reports. Join me and let’s form a team.

I’m off to the pool…

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