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Eleanor is having a high time over there right now with her new whistle.  We practiced Easter Egg hunting today at playgroup.  Elly did very well.  She got 8 or so of the little eggs that were hidden covertly in plain sight.  One had a whistle.

I’m regretting now teaching her how to blow the thing.  But only a little. She is so excited about it.  She got the little pink bunny whistle to toot and exclaimed, “I got a blow in da Mouff!  I gotta maka blow in da MOUFF!!!”

It’s a typical way that Eleanor expresses new things in her world.  In this way, she expresses gum as “candy in da mouff” and a scab is “a boo boo wiff paper on it.”  She takes what few words she knows and uses them to express herself almost completely.

I love to get her talking, but she does more for her daddy than she does for me. I guess it’s because I am with her all the time, and I see just about all of what she does.  She doesn’t feel the need to expand because she knows I know already.  When Daddy says, “What did you do today,” she goes on for ages.  It’s interesting what she remembers from her day to tell Daddy and what she doesn’t.  Sometimes, I think it is as simple as a lack of words.  Invariably, she NEVER tells her daddy about the times when she gets in trouble.  Often, I have to translate toddler into English.


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All my eggs in one basket

It’s a tradition. Dying Easter Eggs. I had a good time. Eleanor wouldn’t participate, but eventually got curious about all the dipping.

blue cross I had a fine time playing with some new dying techniques. This is my Blue Cross egg. I used some rubber bands and homemade dye. Some turned out great like this blue one, some turned out not so good. Purple is a hard color to mix. Red + Blue food coloring = a muddy purple that looks like last nights grape double bubble on the the bedpost.

My dad did the eggs with the writing on them.  He’s a sentimental guy.  But only when it comes to eatable holiday traditions.  With Christmas, it’s all about making cookies.  He had the biggest time making gingerbread cookies with Eleanor last year.  It’s all about the Easter eggs with him now. When we were kids, and all making eggs together (using those nasty fizzy egg dying kits!) he would write our names on eggs with a white crayon.  The wax kept the dye off that part of the egg and would show.  The problem is my dad has little patience.  He never leaves the eggs in the dye bath long enough.  I actually had to chide him more than once yesterday to “put that back in!”  He’s as giddy as a little boy about these kinds of activities, unlike my husband.  He’s rather have a hot stick poked in his eye than dye Easter eggs.  It wasn’t a thing in his family… but, I digress.

leafThe next technique involved putting some leaves in a cut of stocking and tying it all tight and dipping. I liked how the leaves turned out.  I got the idea from a magazine from my dentist’s office called Family Fun.  I liked this magazine so much, I got a subscription!  It’s got 1002 ideas every month for things to do with little kids in terms of crafts and so on.  LOVE IT.

orangeThe orange double cross I liked very much, too.  Again, it’s the rubber band technique.  If my purple had been better, I might have tried some double dips!  Maybe next year.

So, what are you favorite egg dying techniques? Do you still dye eggs?

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