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Today is the one year anniversary of this blog.  209 posts, 8,042views, 229 approved comments.  Wow.

The two most popular topics I have written on since starting this blog have been about being Fingertip dilated, and Fanoos Persian Tea house.  OK.  That’s not about ME so much.  It’s a blow to my EGO.  Help!Oh whatever…

Never the less, I really like keeping in touch this way.  Shout outs to my peeps that comment!  Love the Lynn, Hug the eTrish (thanks for this gift that keeps on giving), Tony, you rock, Jen – keep the faith, Bayou Woman, thanks for being the get up girl and putting it all back together, Deirdre you don’t have time for this – get back to that new baby!  Alias Mother – Who are you really? You are so funny yet so mysterious…

Now – to the lurkers who don’t ever post a comment, throw me a bone, will ya?  Please?  Wish me a happy anniversary or something…  Bambi?  Toni?  Sam? You know who you are…


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Our Economic Stimulus Payment was direct deposited last week. However there was about $300.00 missing from it. You know, the amount of one child. Today, the postman delivered a letter from the IRS which explained the payment. It confirmed that we have only one child. While I was on hold, I clicked at eTrish:

me: oh, I’m on hold with the IRS

Patricia: Yikes. You’ll never get that part of your life back…

me: I have someone* working with me to find out why I seem to only have one child according to the IRS. I have two kids right?

Patricia: yes, last time I checked….

me: The IRS is telling me I don’t

Patricia: Do you have to threaten to send the kids to them?

me: I would… Summer camp at the IRS!!! Pack your abicus.

Patricia: do they have SSN’s? I’m sure they do, that’s a stupid question. Hand the phone to Elly

;- )

me: Currently, she’s busy making Saralyn cry.

Patricia: even better. They can both get in on it.

me: I’m Truely in hell – I’m on hold wiht the IRS and the baby is crying…

Patricia: I’m sure there’s worse versions of hell….afterall, your toilet could be overflowing.

me: Elly is diaperless.

Patricia: diaperless as in “pottytrained” or diaperless as in “running around butt-nekkid?”

me: Butt Wait – Wait . THis is my lucky day ! The words “we are going to allow that” have just been said to me by an IRS agent

Patricia: [eyes rolling] Well, that’s mighty decent of them.


24 and a half minutes! THat’s all it took to have my second child. Let’s see if the check ever comes….

* my IRS agent’s name was #8901198.  Really.  How can I be more than a number to someone who introduced herself as #8901198?  Ugg.  It’s a black, black hole there.

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