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Granny is staying with me and the family this weekend.  My dad went to Ohio to take care of some business, and I invited mom to stay with me.  I love this woman!

My mom has always been great.  I may be the only child in America who has no complaints about her mother.  She was a stay at home when we were really small, and did the little things that make childhood great: loved us, fed us, kept us safe, listened to us, played with us, took us places and generally paid attention.  When we went to school, she got a job at the school library so she could have the same schedule.  Band concerts, track, soccer games, swim meets, fundraisers, conferences.  Mom was watchful, but not controlling.  Permissive but cautious.   College visits, dorm shopping, slipping fifties in our pockets on the way out the door.  Mounds of laundry.  Fevers.  Pox.  Conferences.

My mother did it ALL.

She often tells me “you pay for your raising when you have your own.”  The first time she said that, I didn’t really understand.  I’ve  come to know that every time my girls get sick, I’m paying for my mother being there for me.  Every time I do for them, it’s because she did it for me.  mom’s not been one to give much advice.  She listens and answers questions I ask, but never says, “you need to,” or “you ought to.”  It’s a good thing.

Which brings me to the Granny in the basement.  She’s sleeping downstairs in the guest suite.  (It’s not the Ritz, but it has some extra heat.) I know that my girls are wearing her out a bit this week.  But I am so happy to have this time with my mom, and Eleanor especially is happy to have her Granny near her.  My mom is great.

Eleanor is up now, and I have some more of my raising to pay off.  I’m super glad my mom is here to collect the interest.


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Easter Success

my family looking all around for eggsLook! It’s Tony and the girls looking for eggs! It’s pretty typical that everyone is looking in a different direction!

What a great weekend it has been!!!

The All Saints Lutheran Church First Annual Easter Celebration and Egg Hunt was a smashing success! The mistress of ceremonies, Mother Goose, couldn’t have been cuter or a better hostess, our Easter Bunny, despite his hat falling off, was a gem! The food was good and good for the kids, and, best of all, we had more than 50 kids!!! I fretted all week that noone would come, or the games wouldn’t work out and so on. But, the weather couldn’t have been better, and the helpers came and the food was mostly eaten (We’ve got a TON of veggies and dip left…).

Eleanor did pretty well with the egg hunting this year. When she’s all alone, and we are practicing the egg hunting, she can collect ’em pretty quick. When there is a crowd of people… she just comes to pieces and wants to watch the other kids, and usually she she starts yelling, “I wanna purple un!”

Here are some egg hunt pictures:

easter-cookies.jpg Pretty and Yum!!!

children-gathered.jpg Here are the children gathering for one of the three hunts.


Our Easter Bunny and Mother Goose! The best EVER!

I’ll get some more pictures up soon….

The Children’s Easter Service yesterday was well attended. In fact, we ran out of bulletins and hot crossed buns. Yea us!

The whole family got together for Easter, (well, except for my sister who is enjoying her spring break in PARIS!) and it was great to get the kids and the grandparents and godparents and aunties and friends together. We went to Eagle’s Landing for brunch, and it was delicious and fun until Saralyn had a poo-splosion and covered Bambi in about a QUART of baby poop. I’m not kidding. When Bambi caught up with us later, she said that the only clothes she didn’t have to change were her bra and her socks. I’ve never been so embarrassed in all my life. Even though I was wearing a white dress, I wished it had been me!

ANYWAY – we all got home and had a day full of reading the paper, eating candy, talking life and politics and so on. A truly wonderful Easter.

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This just in… a year later

I was going to blog today about how smokers have a character flaw, or Eleanor’s latest tantrum or how Tony did on the On-Line Jeopardy Audition, but those will have to wait.

You have to see my nephew on YouTube.

I saw this for the first time when I was visiting the family about a year ago. I was alone in the hotel room in Portsmouth and flipping the channels. Up pops my nephew shakin’ his money maker on public access.

My first thought, after “Ahhhhh! My EYES!!!” was, Tony. Has got. To see this.

Now Tony and roughly 4-thousand others have seen it on the internet. Ok? About a minute into the video is another nephew. He’s the little guy in the black Walrus Man Tee.

What do you think?

I have to say that the production value of this Portsmouth High School video is pretty good. Some of his other videos are less flashy and more weird. And the one where he plays Hitler and rips his shirt off is just… AHHHHHHH… MY EYES!!!!

I’m wondering if this will help him get into college…

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Drawers full of the past

My parents are finally here. They moved into their great new house this week, along with all of the chaos that goes with it: creepy movers, broken furniture, and a TOTAL lack of knowing where the knives are.

Having lived in the same Northeastern Ohio house since Nixon was President, my folks have accumulated some serious crap clutter. It’s always hard to weed through the stuff one may or may not need when relocating to a new area of the country. But color me so surprised when I opened a drawer in my parents’ living room and found it jam packed with gloves and mittens.  Discovering the next drawer, also crammed with more gloves and mittens, had me scratching my head. There must have been 25 pairs of gloves in there!  When last I checked, Mom and Dad only have two hands apiece. And the new house here in sunny Georgia comes with amenities (grounds keepers and all so on) that keep the residents from ever having to rake, shovel or even sweep.

Folks, what’s with all the gloves?

I bet that one pair of gloves will last any Georgian for the rest of his or her natural life. The last time I put on gloves was for the Lilburn Christmas Parade in 2005. (That was a cold day!) But, I don’t think I’ve needed to protect my hands from Jack Frost since.

I thought about giving my parents a razz about the gloves (and the giant box of winter coats, too), but, honestly, there’s no point. This is SUCH a life adjustment for them. Both are way stressed, aching with tiredness, and have 10,000 new decisions to make every day. Gloves tucked into a drawer, acknowledged by the head as superfluous, and intended to be dealt with later, may remain necessary in the heart, symbols of our tradition and defining of our lives. In other words, we keep the gloves cause we’ve always kept the gloves; we’ve always needed the gloves, and we can’t part with the gloves before we know with certainty that they are no longer needed.

I’m really proud of the way my parents HAVE divested themselves of several TONS of junk. So what if they have a drawer full of gauntlets to defend their ways from the past. My parents have earned the right to keep whatever they please (for as long as they are willing to pay someone to move it).  It’s really a lot of fun to watch my parents reinvent their world, moving and rearranging the paintings, knick-knacks, books and furniture that have been linked since before my birth.  I think it might be weirder for me than for them, even.

For my entire life, a drawing of a woman peeling onions has hung on a pale green wall in my birth home.  I moved out of that house when I was 17 years old, and really only returned there for short visits in the 17 years since.  But now, knowing the wall is bare (which I don’t think I will ever see), knowing that simple image is destined for a new juxtaposition (which I will surely see soon), well, it gives me a small case of the willies.  No wonder Charles Foster Kane’s dying breath gasped for his Rosebud.

I wonder if my parent will lend me some old gloves that smell like Ohio so I can comfort myself…

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Today’s plan is for us to go to the Sugar Hill Festival. Here we will celebrate giving up the tug pusher lifestyle for true love and rejoice in all things Wesley Snipes. Now wait. Wrong Sugar Hill.

OK. So we’re going to go and listen to The Red Stick Ramblers and Ricky Skaggs albums. What? no! Oh, geez! Wrong again.

What’s the hangup here?

See, if there are two certainties in Georgia, it’s that little community Fall Festivals are the best events to happen ALL YEAR, and too many things around Atlanta have the same name. We’ve all heard the running joke about the 65 roads named Peachtree and it’s true. And it’s crazy how many times people have given me directions to their house where I have to turn from Pepperwood Lane onto Pepperwood Way to get to Pepperwood Court. Chalk it up to one of the quirky things about living in North Georgia.

In a karmic sense, I think Fall Festivals balance out some of that name weirdness. In form and feeling, they are as consistent as the name Peachtree.

And.  I.  Can’t.  Get.  Enough.

Every October weekend, all along the strings of small communities that make up the Metropolis of Metro ATL, plain folks get together to fling a fall festival. It’s usually a village green sized affair with inflatable bouncy boxies for the kids, an American Idol style armature stage performance area, a Gyro stand and lots of crap crafts. And I mean CRAP. Wonder Under sweatshirts outlined in puffy paints and crocheted bath tissue covers. You know. This kind of stuff you make and give to people cause it makes you happy, not stuff you SELL to strangers for real money. I LOVE going to look at this stuff. It’s my autumnal guilty pleasure to go see the gems among the rough. Occasionally, you find a really good artist, or a talented craftsman, or get a delightful old timey spiritual sung at you with true grace and pure harmony. Sometimes… there’s even FRESH FUNNEL CAKE! (Ohhhhh… funnel cake… lalalala.)

So, it’s a day of great expectations with my family. The weather looks good, I’ve got a little cash, and I’m on the prowl for some extraordinarily good craft crap. Could be a really full day.

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