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The girls have 21st century paper dolls – these use plastic clothes that cling to the dolls by static. You with me? Think Disney Princesses with cling-on clothes. (I know – Klingon Clothes is funnier).
ANYWAY, I’m changing Saralyn’s diaper today – at the AAA office where we were getting passport photos made – and I found Cinderella’s lost slipper. Needless to say – I was no prince. I threw that S**T covered thing AWAY – after I peeled it off the right butt cheek of my own little princess. Ah, a mother’s work…
We got a contract on the little cabin in the woods. Closing on April 1. No Foolin’!

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7 Houses.

That’s how many separate properties we have made offers on over the last 18 months.

How many of those houses did we get? None.

We are back offering on the little cabin in the woods. Again. Third time. 4th Realtor.  New price. Bank owned.

Let me sum it up – we are offering the price at which the bank has listed the property. You would think this is a straight forward proposition. But, as with all banks, nothing happens fast. It takes them two weeks to post a check!  In the electronic age I expect things to move a little faster, but it seems like most bankers can’t find their asses with both hands and a flashlight when it comes to real estate.

You may recall the last go round with the little cabin in the woods. It was still a short sale then. or the first series of offers we made. Our first offer was 60K MORE than the list price is now. Yep. Banks are dumb. Whatever bank this is has screwed it’s investors out of even MORE money by being unable to accomplish either short sales – and we weren’t the only ones bidding.

But, I digress. The offer is out there and we are waiting. Waiting. Waiting….

If we don’t get a house this time – I quit. My stuff is coming out of storage and I’m getting my waffle iron and my tube pan and I’m going HOME. I am just meant to be in the house where I already am and live there.

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For CRYING out LOUD!!!




sell wait sell wait sell wait sell wait!

What to do????

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He who owns Potential House called last night and rejected our offer.  Not even a counter offer was offered.  He looked at our ridiculously low offer and said, “We can’t afford to take a loss right now.”  Who can afford to take a loss ever?  However.  They are smoking crack to think that they will get the price they think they “need”.

I talked to the guy and it comes down to this:

Three-and-a-half years ago, they paid X for the house.

They wanted (X+$34k) for it in January, when they first put the house on the market.  They dropped it down to (X+$24K).  The house is appraised at (X-$20K), really.  We offered (X – $18K).  We are willing to pay (X+$5-10K).  The guy says he can’t possibly take less than (X+16K).  NO ONE’s house has increased that much in the last three years.  No one.  Especially those who have a chewing Jack Russell.

Honestly, the house is worth X.

There is no point today in offering anything else.  In a month or 6 weeks, we will make an offer.  It will likely be X.  And I hope the owners get a grip and realize that we are ALL taking a beating on our houses as we try to sell them.   Speaking of, we are going onto the market this week.  I feel like I have done all I can and all I am willing to do now.  I am sitting back and relaxing now, and spending all my time cleaning everything that will stand still.  I have looked at some other houses for sale in the neighborhood, and I say with some confidence and sadness, we have the Biggest and Best house on the block.

Using the same analsys:  We paid X for our house nearly 7 years ago.  We’ve put a TON of improvements in: new top of the line HVAC, remodeled master bath, master bedroom, and guest room, new fence and more.  I would love to get X+$20K.  I will settle for X+$15K.  I think I need to set the selling price at X+$30K so I can come back several thousand.


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Well – I’m stressed.  You?

Throwing caution to the wind, Tony and I went ahead an made an offer on the Potential House.  It’s weird to bid on a Buy Owner house.  I had to find a form myself and fill it out to make the offer, and then I went over to the sellers and handed it to the wife, the very pregnant, husband is working in a different time zone, already has a two-year old, due in less than thirty-days wife.  (Who about did a jig that I came with an offer.)  We will know sometime on Saturday what they will do. 

Tony and I got all our papers for the loan collated last night.   Travis, our mortgage broker, sent us a pre-paid UPS envelope to get the forms back to him.  Tony, who did all the heavy lifting in finding our W-2’s, pay stubs, savings account balances, net worth, kindergarten report cards and a partridge in a pear tree, was baffled by how the return envelope works.  It’s only fair that I figure out how to get the package sent since he located everything therein.  Fair enough.  However, I didn’t have a clue where to drop this envelope.

This morning, in the bathroom, I said my prayers and asked God to help this all work out OK.  I said, “I’m not asking for a sign, just, you know, just a little help.  I’d be truly grateful…”  And I went about my day: delivering offers, dropping Eleanor at pre-school, leading playgroup.  I took the kids up to the church’s front yard to watch for butterflies, and guess what happened…

A UPS truck pulled up beside where I was sitting!  What did I need more than anything today?  To drop off that package.  Did I have a clue where a UPS store was? Nope!  Does the UPS delivery come to the church every day.  No.  Am I EVER on that grassy lawn when the truck comes?  Never.  And yet, there it was: just what I needed right when I needed it.  I asked for God to help make things work out for the best, and all I could think of was that joke about the guy in the flood who insists God will save him and he stays on the roof of his house waiting for his Faith to be validated, and he drowns and God says, ” I sent the boat, I sent the helicopter…”

I’m not going to insist to you that God sent me a sign, but he sure sent a helping hand.  And, I am glad that I was ready.   I feel really good about it.  No matter how this deal goes, I am really going to treasure the warm feeling I’ve had today.  Today, I felt un-alone.  As the economy wriggles on the hook, I feel like I’m connected, and even protected, perhaps even guided.  I’m tired, but at peace.

This feeling motivated me this afternoon to keep moving at my current home.  God can not work through us if we grind to a halt.  In order for us to find the gifts and opportunities God puts on our path, we have to TRAVEL the path.  To which – I painted the stoop.  Who knew that grey paint could be an improvement?  Every little spruce and touch-up makes this house more desireable.   We’ve done so much already, but there is a TON more to do.  I need to finish painting the stoop, washing the windows (inside and out), and cleaning the kitchen, just to name a few.  I have a list.  Lists are helpful…


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I think Saralyn has Roseola.  She’s had the fever that comes for three days then goes.  Now she has the rash.  From what I’ve read, that’s the pattern and it is the #1 cause for fever in children between ages 9 and 12 months.  Elly had the fever a week ago and the incubation time is 10 days (contagiousness starts 2-3 days before a fever starts, so that seems about right.)

Saralyn’s rash is mild, and that’s fine by me.  The web sites say “hardly worth worrying about”.  Really.  I love the Internet and the way it can show me the difference between Measles and Roseola. 

Both girls are on the deck playing at the watertable, and I’m right here with them, shouting NO and DON’T DRINK THAT!  The deck is a very nice place to sit a the moment: not too hot, not too humid, and MUCH more tidy.  I repotted many things yeserday.  I want to donate many of the plants to Fall Festival at church.  I won’t be able to get a garden to grow at the new house – if we get it – so I want to see the plants go to a good home, or at least make some money for the homeless and destitute. 

Eleanor is sopping wet, and the baby is not far behind… seems like a great afternoon well spent.

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Me and the electronics are gonna throw-down in the exercise yard.  I’ve killed three computers, a cell phone and a squirrel in the last 6-weeks or so.

I’m telling the judge NOT GUILTY by reason of incompetence.  I didn’t mean to be the end for any of these devices. 

The first victimwas my office computer.  It kept turning itself off.  Then it died.  Then my home computer did basically the same thing.  Each had a slate of different symptoms and quirks, and bothwere very old, but it was a pain in the booty both times.  Earlier, I killed my husband’s lap top.  He about killed me.  He could have claimed self defense and gotten off, by the way.  If I knew what I was doing that was so wrong, I would stop doing it. I promise.

As for the cell phone, it’s under warranty, and I may get that straightened out later this week.  Assuming I can drive to the cell phone store.  Alas, there is no gas here in the Metro ATL.  I went by 5 gas stations tonight looking for gas, and no one had any to sell.  I thought driving around looking for gas would be silly.  I have about 60 miles in the tank right now, and don’t know when I will be able to get more.  So, I will be staying close to home for a few days. 

I guess that will keep me from running over any more squirrels.  We were on our way to look at a new potential house, and I ran over the fat-cheeked little monster.  I was super sad, and Tony cheered “SOLID!  Solid Hit!  You got ’em with both wheels!”  Poor booger.

Speaking of the house hunting expedition, we’ve got another potential.  We will likely make a bid this weekend.  It’s a great spot, and a great house.  Nice and big and did I mention its in just the right place?  It’s a Buy Owner property, which is a big bother.  There is no convenient way to make an offer on a Buy Owner property.  If Buy Owner were MY business, I would build a widget on the company’s site that would make a fill-in-the-blank kind of form that would let someone who wants to make an offer on a property a printable agreement document.  It seems like a no brainer.  Evidently, you are just supposed to call the seller and say “Hey, will you take X-dollars?”  and then negotiate face to face.  It seems improper.  You run the risk of getting into a he-said-she-said dust-up.  I actually called Buy Owner and asked if they had such a thing, and perhaps I was just missing it.  They said they are just about the marketing.  I wonder if sellers realize that the Buy Owner people don’t or won’t help the people who WANT to BUY their house.  There really is a difference between putting your house up for sale and helping people buy it.

We are getting closer to that step ourselves.  The house should be emptied of all extra stuff by Sunday.  Then next week I will be getting the last of the touch-ups done. Then on the 4th, our agent will come to get all the pictures made and to get us UP FOR SALE!  We really need to sell this house to buy the Potential.  We couldn’t swing payments on both for very long.  Scary stuff.

Well, I am happy to be so busy and back to a working computer to blog about it all.  Tony is a wonderful Workhorse of a man.  He’s doing killer work (haha)  Eleanor is back to normal mostly, just in time for Saralyn to get sick.  Will it never end?  I can’t complain, though, as it is a full and rewarding life.  I am very blessed.  Now, what gizmo can I butcher next….

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