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Undecided about the upcoming election?  Are you a woman of childbearing years?  Have you ever been?  I have to tell you that I really like Obama.  Especially after what he said about his view on abortion, specifically partial birth abortion.  Like Bigfoot, PBA is rumored to exist and sometimes people go out looking for it.  I think not.  Most woman who need to terminate a pregnancy after 26 weeks really,  REALLY. Don’t.  Want.  To Terminate.

Your baby or your life.  Julie makes the arguement perfectly.

I am pro – planned parenting.  I am against abortion as a form of birth control.  I am WAY fine with the notion that if you teach any sex education in school, you teach about various contaceptions.  Abortion should be SAFE, Legal and RARE.   Alas, it should be a parenting decision, sadly and lovingly made to avoid mutual suffering and death.  May it never be a decision you and yours has to face.  May you always have the options you need.


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Broken Brooke

Have you seen this commercial for VW?  Where Brooke Shields says “Don’t put a baby in your belly just to put German engineering in your driveway?”

I. Hate. This. Campaign.

It bothers me that the bubble head is so flip about creating life.  I hate the idea that a CAR is some kind of REWARD for getting pregnant.  I hate that they hint that ONLY women who can prove their fertility deserve this car.  Is there a woman out there who would ONLY get pregnant in order to get this car?  (OK.  I guess there are women who get knocked up to GET a lot of things: husbands, support, respect, a wee little living doll that will love ONLY them…)

I guess making babies and the pain there in still rises from the gut to the surface.  You’d think that a woman like Brooke, who has had her own share of pain associated with child birth, would be a little more sensitive to fertility issues.   Apparently not (pun intended).

The ad still sucks.

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