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Saralyn still likes two naps a day: a morning catnap, and a longer afternoon nap.  Playgroup seems to keep her interest enough that she often skips the morning snooze, but as soon as playtime is over, she’s demanding of a nap.  Today she fell asleep before I got out of the church driveway.  That was a shame because I was on my way to the grocery store, and I waited as long as I could.  However, I needed to get in and get out with some grub and then pick up Eleanor at preschool.  So, I scooped Saralyn up and dragged her sleepy body into the Kroger.  She flopped over onto my shoulder and passed out again. I didn’t have the heart to wake her.  Dragging the cart behind me, I did my shopping with Saralyn snoring in my left ear.

Aside from her being heavy and oozing nap all over me, I was a bit hobbled by clutching her to my shoulder.  I found it hard to manage a cart and the shopping list while I had one hand on Baby Ichabod.  I finally found the stuffing the bottom part of my list into her pants kept it handily at eye level.  Several other produce patrons laughed out loud, but it worked.

Unfortunately, I had to set her down in frozen foods.  She was way, WAY too heavy to keep in my arms any longer.  She squaked and had NO idea where she was.  That must have been pretty scarry.  Saralyn is a resilient child, and settled into the cart in no time.

By the way, some of the milk was on special for $1 for a half gallon.  Evidently it was set to expire tomorrow or the next day.  I bought 7 jugs to take over to the county food pantry.  When you see deals on food like this, I encourage you all to be generous.  If your local food bank is like the one in my part of the world, they are ALWAYS hurting for the basics: milk, dry beans and pasta, peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables and canned meats, like tuna.  Find out where your local food bank is and keep them in mind when you shop.


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It’s Monday, the day I traditionally (that means I’ve done it three times) stay home and keep the car off the road.  I LOVE and HATE Mondays.  I can just take it easy, get some things done around the house, play with the girls and just BE.  But I tend to go bonkers if I don’t leave the house every day.  I’m polling the kids to see if I can find a way out today:

me:  Elly, wanna go to the park?

Elly: No thank you.  I wanna dancing shoes*.

me: Saralyn, playground?

Saralyn:  Gdfajpfo9ih radfja.

me:  Ok – Elly, find your shoes.  Saralyn clearly wants to go to the park.

I am such a swindler.  Oh, well.  As it turns out I need to go by the grocery store to pick up my prescription and then by the church so I can pick up the schedule so I know what I am doing tomorrow in playgroup.

Speaking of Kroger, remember when I lost that gift card with almost $200 still on it?  Let me tell you what happened.  On a lark, I went to the customer service counter and asked if they could help me.  The attendant there said no, but that I should contact Mr. Big Manager if we still had our original receipt.  We went home, and bless his little record keeping heart, my husband laid hands on the original.  We went back to Kroger several times and finally caught up with Mr. Big.  Then we went back a week later and gave our info to Mr. Big again and within 10 minutes…..

He reissued my GIFTCARD!!!  WHOO HOO!  The moral of this story is two fold.  Perhaps threefold.

  1. Don’t believe the first clerk who quotes the back of the card, which says “lost, stolen, or damages cards will not be replaced.”
  2. Keep your receipts.
  3. Be persistent.

I can’t tell you how much this takes the heat off me.  AND you better believe I am writing my name and phone number on this card now with a Sharpie!  I may put a small hole in the card and tie a string to it to attach to my wallet so I can’t loose it again.  Tony and I bough, all told, about $1200 in gift cards.  It was the easiest way to make 10% on our money in this economy, especially when we buy almost all out gas and snacks at Kroger.   But, I digress.

Eleanor had her 9 month checkup on Friday; I don’t think I mentioned that yet.  She’s a growing girl and is up to 22 pounds now.  That puts her in the 85th percentile for weight.  Her height measurement was wacky.  They said she was 28 inches long, and that put her in the 55th percentile for height, but I am sure they made a mistake.  I know she didn’t shrink from the last time they saw her, when she was 28.25.  The doctor was sure the measuring nurse made a mistake, too, and offered to remeasure, but I couldn’t be bothered.  We’d been there almost two hours already.  Saralyn then got two shots in the leg (with Peanuts bandages) and then we went upstairs for a blood draw (Daffy Duck).  Alas, she was better about the shot than she was about the blood draw.  Saralyn HATED the rubber tourniquet.  And she wiggled, so she got a bruise in the crook of her elbow.

All in all, it was a really great weekend, filled with fun get togethers: A surprise birthday brunch with my parents, dominoes with the church ladies, and The Elvis Death Day Celebration with Kingsized and the Dames Aflame Dancers (also, Little E and El Viz).  The show was great, but the whole audience agreed – it would have been better without the exploding can of pepper spray as the opening act.

Perhaps it’s because the weekend was so full of fun and activity that I am feeling blue today.  I just don’t want the merriment to end.   How do you feel about Monday?


* So there we were at Party City, and Bambi sees the “princess” party stuff.  They have these little, plastic, Snow White play shoes.  Bambi starts bouncing, BOUNCING up and down.  “Oh PLEASE!  OH Please can I get them for ELLY??? PLEASE!!!!???”  It was worse than when Elly begs for something!  How could I say no?  But I have to say, it was so worth it to watch Bambi and Elly go gaga together over those shoes!  To me, they look like the most uncomfortable shoes in the world, and they don’t even fit (and never will, likely).  BUT, Elly slogs around the house in them ALL THE TIME.

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