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Saralyn is walking.  She’s been standing for months and taking steps for MANY weeks, but her primary mode of here-to-there has been the crawl.  Until this week, that is.  Now she is actively using her feet to go where she wants.   It’s not pretty.  It’s not quick.  It’s like watching one of those bugs that look like a stick make its way across a slippery stem on a windy day. She is WAY faster with her crawl.

But yet she prefers to walk now.   She wobbles over every few steps, slapping her hands on the floor.  Then she comes up and pretends to hand you some imaginary something, like no, I didn’t fall over, I just wanted to hand you this microscopic bacteria.  See?

She laughs a lot while doing it.  She smacks her little head on the floor plenty, too.  I really love watching her grow and change, and even these brutal efforts are delightful and make me so proud.  I am sure she will be dancing soon.


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Making a blog for me!

Making a blog for me!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!   I’ve had tons of fun and been on all kinds of new adventures.  I got some pretty nice gifts, too (but I didn’t get what I really want – real estate and my own blog.  I’m a year old now.  Why can’t I have my own blog??? It’s not like Mommy pays for hers…).

ANY-whaa.  Here’s the rundown of my First Birthday, Two-Day, Three pronged Extravaganza:

Part One:  The Zoo.  Granny, Pop-pop, Eleanor and my parents took me to the Zoo.  We saw the flamingos, giraffes, gorillas, a lion, a tiger, birds, orangutans, turtles, warthogs, meerkats, pandas (regular and red – which are mommy’s favorite), kangaroos, and naked mole rats.  My silly big sister went to the petting zoo and poked at a sheep, which promptly turned around and head butted her in to the fence.  She started to cry, but I realized the karmic balance needed restoring after she hogged all the snacks by the otter pool.  Mommy calmed her down, but Eleanor was DONE with the sheep.

After the zoo, we needed FOOD, especially me, cause that big sister of mine hogged all the snacks… perhaps I mentioned that already.  We visited Mommy’s favorite zoo-side pizza eatery: Grant Central Pizza.  I at everything that wasn’t nailed down.  I’m a bottomless pit these days!  The calzone was the best.  I love the cheese.

Part Two: Trick or Treat.  After lunch, I don’t remember the ride home as I passed out…. I woke up just in time to head over to Bambi’s for Trick or Treat.  The neighborhood next to my Grambi’s is widely known for its Halloween Festivities.  I’ve never been to a Halloween Trick or Treat before, so I was up for anything.  Mommy put me in my lion costume, and Eleanor in her Princess Aurora costume and we went over.  Now, my sister is frightened by anything that isn’t really what it is: men in bear suits, animatronics, Santa Clause, and stuff like that.  This neighborhood was FRIGHTFEST 2008!  Blood.  Gore.  Scary masks.  Mechanical dancing ghosts and monsters.  Scream tracks.  Strobe lights.  Every yard was FILLED with the undead.  Eleanor LOST it.  I just did what I always do when I’m under stress: snuggled back in my stroller and sucked my thumb.  Why does my sister always run in a small circle and cry when she’s freaked out?  We got some candy there and left.  I would guess this tiny neighborhood saw 2-3 thousand kids Halloween night.  Mommy said so.  I believe her ’cause she never has to take off her shoes to count – ever.  We waked back to my Grambie’s house, and we got a diaper load of GOOD candy.  Mommy explained it to me last night: there’s good candy and junky stuff.  Scareville was cool because the candy practically came to you.  The people sat at the end of their driveways and handed it out as fast as they could, but it’s mostly junky candy: Dots, dum-dums, licorice, starlight mints and Tootsie Rolls.  The less trafficked path home offered the good stuff: Twix, M&Ms, peanut butter cups, Junior Mints, Snickers, Heath Bars, Sugar Babies and Sweet Tarts.  Good Candy, but harder to get.  One has to get up out of the stroller, climb the steps, ring the bell and wait.  And I didn’t even have a Trick or Treat bag!  Nevertheless, Sister got MANY pieces of GOOD candy on the way home.  I got some candy corn!  I like it when sister shares.

On the way home, I, um, passed out again.  However, I DO remember mommy ranting about the car that was blocking the road on the way out of Grambi’s subdivision.  Mommy called the guy who was following his kids as they trick or treated in a Ford Excessive.  Not the best choice, mommy says, when people are parked on BOTH sides of the narrow street already.  (I’m gonna tell Pastor tomorrow what mommy called the guy.)   I was good and asleep before mommy stopped yelling.   And then it was the morning of…

Part Three: The 8-and-a-half hour Birthday Party.  Mommy arranged for a birthday party for Saturday Morning.  Granny and PopPop came, and Bambi and Jeanette and Godmother Sam and Auntie Diane came.  I got some really great toys!  I likes Knuffle Puppy Jack in the Box and my smacky balls the best!  Mommy Ooohed and Ahhhed over all these clothes I got, but I’m not so interested.  I’ve been a little COLD recently, so maybe the footy Funky Monkey Jammies and Polar Overalls will come in very handy!  The best part was I got a BIG cake all to myself!  Elly and Mommy helped me blow my candle out, and then I grabbed the whole thing with both hands and smooshed it into my mouth.  Everybody howled with laughter.  I was just hungry…  Daddy plopped me into the bathtub and wouldn’t let me paint with the orange frosting or anything!  Oh, well… I fell asleep a little later, but everybody kept on partying without me!  When I woke up, I got to take a crack at my toys without Eleanor continually taking them away from me.  I love my Pound a Ball.  I am not strong enough to wack the balls into the holes, but I LOVE crawling around with them.  They roll off, I crawl after them.  Hours of fun!  I saved a present for my mommy, too.  I now allow someone to hold me up so I can walk around.  It’s really a faster way to get where I want to go!  My sister got some presents, too.  I guess a lot of folks realize that she’s a bit of a diva, and wouldn’t allow me to have my day if she didn’t get a little shine as well.  Grambie gave Eleanor a Cinderella Dress with all the fixin’s, and Auntie Diane made her a Raggedy Ann a Penny Purse.  PopPop gave her a coloring book and markers.  I hope she shares…  Anyway, we had HOURS of fun.  Godmother Sam arrived at 10AM and the last guest left at 6:30.  Mommy says THAT’s a long time.  Even Daddy and PopPop had to take naps!

That’s me.  A year old and bright at my eyes are blue!  Maybe for Christmas, I can get that blog I’ve always wanted…

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