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Farm Report

Buzz Buzz!Oh, Ohh!!!! OH! I saw A BEE!!!! A real honest to goodness honey bee! YEA!!! It’s the first one I have seen this year and I am WAY happy. Cause, man alive, if you have one, more will follow! I have been so worried that I haven’t seen any bees.  This may be a little case of instant Karma.  I saved a bee from a swatting at my parents house over the weekend.  I arranged for it to be released outside.  Perhaps having bees in my garden now is a cosmic thanks from the bee that was spared.  But, I digress…

I have MANY, and I mean HUNDREDS of cucumber blossoms out there, so, go- bees- go. I have a few tomato plants that are thriving and a few that are puny, but there is not fruit or blossoms anywhere on the tomatoes.  I have a few flowers on the pepper plants.  I have wee turnips and Brusselsprouts that have just come up.  And tiny corn (I have little hope about the few ears of corn I have, but will be happy just to dry the stalks and be Fall-ish with my decorating). I may yet get a melon or two, but I have ZERO squash producing (For some reason, I have no female flowers on the plants.  Thanks to eTrish for giving me gay squash.)

(Husband’s note: he says I shouldn’t say GAY squash.  “He prefers I use “Monastic Squash” .  You decide.  I’m just saying that I see a bunch of male blossoms hang together out there in the tubs, not a female in sight.  Until I hear some shape-note chanting and the clack of rosary beads, I’m sticking by my choice of words. )

I think the beans are winding down.  My mint and savory plants are going gangbusters.  Bees!  Oh, joy.


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Bee gone

I’m a little worried.  I haven’t seen a single honey bee in my garden.  There are wood bees, and many other flying insects (which seem super happy to visit my plants, just to fill the leaves with holes), but no bees.  The one green pepper I ate had ZERO seeds in side.

Will I get any beans?  I see those lovely bean blossoms out there, left alone like a wallflowers at the ball.

Ants I got.  Aphids, I got.  No bees.

What now?

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