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Have you heard Obama’s plan to “help stabilize falling home prices?”  Take a minute and read it, especially if you own a home or a mortgage, and have worked very hard each month to pay for it.  Go on, I’ll wait…

…read it?  Good.

Are you as mad as I am?

Let’s just start with the fallacy that home prices have sunk $6k each.  According to Zillow.com the value of my home has fallen more than that in the LAST MONTH!  It’s LOST more than $30K in the last 24 months.   Who do they think they are fooling?

One house in 10 in my neighborhood is for sale.  Most are foreclosures.  It’s sucking every last bit of equity out of my house. So, I’m angry at the people who made such poor decisions, who bought more home than they could reasonably afford, who were fraudulent on their loan papers, who flipped and flipped and flipped their mortgages to keep taking equity out.  These people have stolen my equity. And, under this plan, they will get rewarded for crap choices with MY tax dollars:

The program also includes incentives for homeowners. Borrowers who stay current on their mortgages after a modification would be eligible for a $1,000-a-year reduction in their principal balance.

WHAT!??!?! – WAIT JUST ONE SHORT MINUTE!!!  I  – that is ME and MINE – have paid our mortgage payments ON-TIME and IN FULL every month for 11-YEARS.  Where’s my $1K reduction in principle for every year?  I could do a lot for my kids’ educations with $11K.  Oh wait, I didn’t refinance every year for 4 years taking $20K out each time.  I’m not DELINQUENT!!! Where’s MY interest rate deduction to 2%???  No.  People don’t get a hand out and a “thattaboy” for doing what is required of them.  No way.

I burns me that hardworking people who have kept their jobs and/or saved their pennies are having to cover the mistakes of people who have been fraudulent, negligent and greedy.

Tony and I gave up a lot of “right now” pleasures  in order to save money for a rainy day.  We haven’t before and still don’t live large.  We don’t even have cable.  We take little vacations when we have accumulated enough points for free hotel rooms.  We scrimped, we saved, and we didn’t believe the mortgage lenders that told us we could afford a house that was almost twice the price of the one we live in now.  We listened to financial planners who said your rent should be only 25%-29% of your monthly take home pay.

I don’t even know where to put my anger over this.

By the way, we got an offer on our house today.  The bid was 50K LESS than our asking price, and 29K less than what we paid for the house 7 years ago.  I feel like maybe I should have been flipping my mortgage, too.  I’d be way ahead today if I owed 50K more than it’s worth, because the money, theoretically, would have been in my pocket at some point, and I could have enjoyed it.  Now, it feels like it’s just… gone.

This stinking plan makes me feel like doing the right thing for all these years was just the wrong thing to do.


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Undecided about the upcoming election?  Are you a woman of childbearing years?  Have you ever been?  I have to tell you that I really like Obama.  Especially after what he said about his view on abortion, specifically partial birth abortion.  Like Bigfoot, PBA is rumored to exist and sometimes people go out looking for it.  I think not.  Most woman who need to terminate a pregnancy after 26 weeks really,  REALLY. Don’t.  Want.  To Terminate.

Your baby or your life.  Julie makes the arguement perfectly.

I am pro – planned parenting.  I am against abortion as a form of birth control.  I am WAY fine with the notion that if you teach any sex education in school, you teach about various contaceptions.  Abortion should be SAFE, Legal and RARE.   Alas, it should be a parenting decision, sadly and lovingly made to avoid mutual suffering and death.  May it never be a decision you and yours has to face.  May you always have the options you need.

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