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I always throw an Oscar party.  I love a good theme, you know.  I also try to watch as many of the nominated films that I can.

One of the fun traditions of the party is the BEST PICTURE menu.  Each year I offer a dish that embodies the title of the best picture nominees.  That’s how we end up with No Country Sausage for Old Men and There Will Be Blintz.  This year has many an opportunity for culinary creativity.  The nominees are:

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Frost/Nixon
  • Milk
  • The Reader
  • Slumdog Millionaire

Milk.  Seriously?  Too Obvious.  I could just put a pitcher of moo-juice on the buffet and be done, but there has to be something better.

My plan for Frost / Nixon is to actually FROST Nixon’s face on a cake.  How hard could THAT be?

Chili dog Millionaire anyone?  I’m thinking vegetarian hot dogs with Indian Curry.  Or perhaps really good regular chili dogs with a side of caviar.

I could go several ways with Ben Button.  I was thinking drinks: The Curious Case of Samuel Adams.  Or I could go with a side dish, “The Curious Casserole of Buttered Brusselsprouts,” but we haven’t hit tasty yet.

The Reader…Hmmmm?  I could make crusty seed bread and call it the SEEDER.

I’m just relieved that Doubt and Gran Torino were not nominated for best picture, because, they are stumpers.

What can you make of these titles?  Any suggestions?


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Tony, Bambi and I began planning a Friday night out several weeks ago.  Sometimes with small children, it is very important to plan ahead.  BUT.  Remember that old saying about God and making plans?  God said “HA!”  in the wee hours of the morning Friday.  Remarkably, God’s voice sounded a lot like an infant with serious nasal congestion.

His voice echoed a few hours later in the whine of a runny-nosed toddler.

My girls are sick.  On date night.  Oh, bother.

(Let me take this moment to say they are NOT at deaths door, they just have runny noses.  No barf. No squirts.  No fever.  Just whine and snot.  Great, Goopy Piles of Fuss!)

Now – Sam and Phil, Saralyn’s Godparents, had already agreed to come by and stay with the girls.  In fact, they were really looking forward to, um… excited no…  greedy for some quality time with the girls.  (They are, oh, so cut about it, too.)  The conversation over the day between me and my beau went something like this:

“Sam and Phil REALLY want to come.”

“I know.”

“Should we have them come anyway?  or ask them not to come?”

“Hmmmm….?  I don’t know….”

“I think I should stay if you want to go with Bambi”

“No, I’ll stay if you say you want me to.”

“I think we should both stay and then Phil and Sam can stay or go or whatever.    After all, Eleanor could behave again like she did at lunch*”

“And Saralyn could do that crying because mommy is away thing she sometimes does.  Let’s both stay.”


Then at 5:30 – Sam and Phil come in the door.  And suddenly we are getting talked into keeping our date.    So, we go through all the Do’s and Don’ts and then, after much hand wringing, we left.  WE LEFT OUR BABIES.  Our sick, dying, bleeding-from-the-eye babies.  Worst. Parents. Ever.

But it turns out, we couldn’t have made a better choice.  When we got back from seeing Atonement **, Sam and Phil were all smiles.  They had watched Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas, and Elly played “fire sticks” with Phil on the hearth (Elly loves to stack the twigs like mommy does when she makes a fire.)  Saralyn was sleeping on Sam’s chest, as peaceful as anything.  I was afraid that Sam would have to get a prybar to peel the baby off of her.  They had no trouble.

Color me so surprised.

After thinking it over I realized, the girls usually save their worst behavior for the people who see them most: Mommy, Daddy, Bambi, Pop Pop and Granny.   AND, I think that the toys and extra attention that Sam and Phil gave really distracted the girls from their runny nose misery.  It’s an adrenalin thing.

Huh? That should never have worked! But it did.  And I am glad.  Let’s never try that again.


* Eleanor went with Bambi and I to lunch and she cried and was throwing food and was an all around snotty monster.  Bambi at one point had to take Elly outside for a “talking to.”  I have to say, she handles these situations better than I do.  I would loose my rutabagas. Saralyn just looks a bit tired and wants her mommy to hold her up so she can see everyone.

** Atonement: a movie nominated for Best Picture.  I have to say it was an interesting way to spend a few hours, but not the best movie I saw last year, but neither were Michael Clayton or Juno.  So that leaves 2 movies in the best picture category that I need to see: No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood.  I’ll see one of those two on Sunday and will let you know if Either of them are any better.  I think at this point, I can say the best film I saw last year was Waitress.  But that’s another blog.


And one final funny thought:  Sam says to me when I get home, “So, do you use the cornstarch much?”

I have no idea what she is talking about.

To make a short story long, she saw the powder on the dresser and used it on Saralyn’s bottom when she changed the diaper, because she thought the kids bum looked a little red.

Turns out, that container’s not cornstarch; it’s the baking soda which we put in the diaper bucket to keep the smell down!  Needless to say, I had visions of Saralyn taking a weewee and foaming out her pants. So, this morning, there really COULD be a muffin in there!  (Also, it didn’t seem to hurt her at all.  Not that I think I will try that again any time soon.)

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