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Join me at the Men WITHOUT Pants Party at 11:59PM Saturday February 26th at ANACROCON!

Grab yer kilt, lad! It's the Men WITHOUT Pants Party!

AnachroCon is just days away now. Make it a point to find yourself in Atlanta February 25-27th. I will be there having a fine FINE time. Come with me!

What’s the deal with the no pants?

I love a man in a good kilt. Don’t you? So bring your best legs and come to the party for great music, fun and a pantless atmosphere. Photos will be taken. This is a PG-13 kind of affair – so be bare – but keep it covered!

What if I don’t have a kilt, can I still come?

Women can come in whatever attire they please. It’s the MEN who have to live up to a dress code. If you have no KILT, that’s fine, but you still have to be PANTS FREE. I suggest long night shirts, tunics, Arabic throbes or a toga. You better be bare under there, that’s all I’m saying. Again, think PG-13.

Are people going to be checking if I’m bare under there?

Yes. Young maidens have volunteered. You will be checked at the door for ID – you must be 21 – and for the absence of PANTS. Where you store that ID is up to you, but we are not going to accept the “I don’t have any pockets” excuse for no ID.

Who’s idea was this anyway???

I’m responsible. It was my idea. Then people backed me up. Most of them were wearing KILTS! E.P.B.

How do I get an invitation?

This is an event offered by Anachrocon. Your weekend membership is all the invitation you need. What? You don’t have your membership yet? What are you waiting for?  Click here.


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I’ve spent considerable time today looking at party plates with Eleanor.  Her birthday is just under a month away, but more importantly, it’s one VBS and two weeks of swimming lessons away.  That’s an eternity in mom years. But I digress.

Eleanor, approaching 4-years old with glorious tantrums, is the prettiest princess loving princess that ever-ever was. Every day she tells me that she wants to be a princess, or can I be a princess now? or I’m getting married to a prince next week tomorrow.  That’s my favorite, obviously because he’s paying for the wedding, as I have yet to make any deposits.

Color me so surprised that she picked THIS theme for her party:

No kidding – that was her choice. She’s so full of surprises.

Here’s Sara’s party pack for this year:

See – even though she was born on Halloween, there is not ONE pumpkin in the kit.  I can control myself.

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I always throw an Oscar party.  I love a good theme, you know.  I also try to watch as many of the nominated films that I can.

One of the fun traditions of the party is the BEST PICTURE menu.  Each year I offer a dish that embodies the title of the best picture nominees.  That’s how we end up with No Country Sausage for Old Men and There Will Be Blintz.  This year has many an opportunity for culinary creativity.  The nominees are:

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Frost/Nixon
  • Milk
  • The Reader
  • Slumdog Millionaire

Milk.  Seriously?  Too Obvious.  I could just put a pitcher of moo-juice on the buffet and be done, but there has to be something better.

My plan for Frost / Nixon is to actually FROST Nixon’s face on a cake.  How hard could THAT be?

Chili dog Millionaire anyone?  I’m thinking vegetarian hot dogs with Indian Curry.  Or perhaps really good regular chili dogs with a side of caviar.

I could go several ways with Ben Button.  I was thinking drinks: The Curious Case of Samuel Adams.  Or I could go with a side dish, “The Curious Casserole of Buttered Brusselsprouts,” but we haven’t hit tasty yet.

The Reader…Hmmmm?  I could make crusty seed bread and call it the SEEDER.

I’m just relieved that Doubt and Gran Torino were not nominated for best picture, because, they are stumpers.

What can you make of these titles?  Any suggestions?

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Astrological help

I’m planning a party again.  I’m thinking New Years, and I’m thinking ZODIAC themes.  I want to do a dish for each sign of the zodiac, but it’s not easy.  Some signs lend themselves to a dish, but some do not.  Here’s your challenge: give me some ideas for what I should serve.  Here are the signs and some of the ideas I have already:

  • Aries (The Ram) – I was thinking sheep cheese or lamb chops, but there has to be something better…
  • Taurus (The Bull) – steak skewers
  • Gemini (The Twins) – what comes in twos besides eyes, kidneys and testicles?  I just don’t want to eat that…
  • Cancer (The Crab) – crab dip or fritters…
  • Leo (The Lion) –
  • Virgo (The Virgin) – I’m thinking a salad with EVOO
  • Libra (The Scale or The Balance) – perhaps a dessert display on scales.
  • Scorpio (The Scorpion) – again, something I don’t want to eat…
  • Sagittarius (The Archer) – no clue
  • Capricorn (The Horned Goat)- goat cheese ravioli!
  • Aquarius (The Water-bearer) – water with lemon…
  • Pisces  (The Fish) – fish sticks?  Smoked tuna or salmon…

Well, what have you got?

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She was super cute in her grass skirt and flowers.

And… she ate like a pig.

So did we all.  We ate pineapple and pork and pineapple and shrimp and pineapple and Mai Tais and pineapple and lava cake.

We left no pineapple unturned in out quest for birthday fun for Chuck, Bambi, Sam and Jeanette.  They seemed to enjoy themselves.  We figured that if we got candles for all the years of life for all the birthday girls and boy (close to 200!) we could light them and the cake would bake itself!

(Wait here while the birthdaians throw their shoes at me…)

Happy Birthday, my good good friends!  I love you all.

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