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Saralyn got her little toes in the sand today. Then the crying started. Sand is yucky. Sand sticks to hands. And legs, and bottoms. The journey to the beach happened just after my younger peed her swim pants on the carpet in my parents condo. As far as Saralyn, my fair skinned beauty, is concerned, SPF 70 only makes the sand worse, because then it STICKS to you. She doesn’t want to put a foot in the water or the sand. Yuck. Patooy. Zoinks.
More Legos please. Pass the shrimp.


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Psstt!  Wanna see my parents condo?  I’ve written a whole page about it and it has a links to the rental company and pictures of the place.  Go.  Visit.   It’s really a wonderful place.  The view from the balcony is picture 11.

If you are living a staycation this summer, dream of the beach…

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