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Remember a few weeks ago when I got poison ivy?  How about last week when I went to the beach and got stung by a jellyfish? or how about Tony getting shingles? or the ongoing rash around Saralyn’s mouth?  OK I don’t think I’ve mentioned that one, but I think she has a food allergy that I can’t seem to isolate.  I need to take her for a blood test or something.

Well, the jellyfish is rearing it’s ugly tentacles again. I have a reaction on my left leg and right ankle that are AMAZING.  I mean, I’ve never itched so much in my whole life.  The poison ivy was bad, heck, the initial sting was pretty bad, but I would take the sting again to be rid of THIS.

According to a website I just looked up:

Getting stung leaves small stingers in you… and to some people, they will cause a nasty reation.

The Cortizone may work, but it will take days, if not weeks.

You are having a histamine reaction. Heat makes it itch.. cold makes it numb. To be expected. Running an area under hot (not too hot) will itch so bad, that it will feel like a burn, and if you do it for a while, and then stop, you will find it will not itch for a while

Good luck… it is a slow recovery.

Greeeaaat…  Jellyfish SUCK!

On the other hand – I feel like my family is paying some pound of flesh.  The question is, is this an up front Karma payment or am I paying off some crime I have already committed?


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Guess what we did on Friday? Can’t guess? Here’s a hint. It’s in the picture… BLUEBERRIES!!!

Let me tell you what kind of great time I had!!! We went to the Briar Patch in Dacula, Georgia*, a pick your own berries place about half-an-hour from our home. Nice! $6 a GALLON for blueberries. See ours? (Note the baby feet) But I get ahead of myself. Bambi, the girls and I got to the Briar Patch early and got all our gear out of the van: A thick blanket, a wagon, camera, sand pail and a little chair with straps for the baby. Yikes, what I won’t do to get out of the house!

We picked up two buckets and started into the berry field. Eleanor, after a brief discussion of the difference between red berries and BLUE berries, was eager to start. Her theory was pick one for the sand pail, and 43 for for the mouth. We picked for about 45 minutes. You do the math. I think Eleanor ate more than a gallon of blueberries. (You can’t know how HAPPY I am that she uses the potty now.)

At one point, I was standing in a patch of poison ivy,  and then I was bitten by a fire ant on the thumb.  At this point there is no sign of the poison ivy blisters on my legs, but my ant bite still hurts up to my elbow!  Saralyn even ate a few blueberries (she barfed them up after a bit, but most solids gag her, that toothless wonder of mine!)

I made simple blueberry jam when I got home.  4 cups berries and 3 cups sugar.  Add heat slowly till the mixture hits 220 degrees.  Cool till set and refrigerate.  And, yes, my family DID catch me eating my own jam with a spoon.  What of it?

Bambi and I combined our pickin’s at the farm and came up with that gallon, which is now three -fourths gone.   We’ve enjoyed raw berries, jam, pancakes, and I’m about to make Alton Brown’s Blueberry Coffee Cake.  I was meaning to freeze some.  But I haven’t.  I think I may need to go back to the farm tomorrow.  Who wants to play hookie and come along?

*2503 Cammie Wages Road, Dacula. 770-962-4990. Hours 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

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I didn’t think I got reactions from poison ivy. Now I know, I do.

On Friday, I went out into our newly fenced yard and started pulling up the poison ivy from our yard, as Eleanor is soon to be turned loose in the natural habitat. I don’t want her coming in to the house covered with poison ivy oils. I don’t want her passing them on to the baby as she rolls on the ground with her, which she does at least thrice daily. The crunchy death weed had to go.

I got most of it pulled up, and I wore a glove and washed vigorously afterwards, but the inside of my right elbow has a few watery blisters that itch like crazy. The itching and bumps didn’t show up till about 3 days later. Is that normal? Oh, well. Now I realize I am NOT immune as I once thought. I have to kill the weed chemically, I guess, from now on.

It’s a mad dash into the long weekend. I am very much looking forward to our road trip to see my sister and the in-laws. I haven’t been to my sister’s house in AGES! I can’t wait to see what she has done in her house. She’s remodeled the kitchen and wall papered and bought new furniture and on and on.

My nephew is graduating from high school. My husband is very interested in giving him a 2008 ALMANAC, just in case the internet is broken some day. I think a teenage boy only wants one thing, but he’ll settle for money. Almanac is way down on the teen wish list. I think socks and underwear are more desirable. Hey, but gift giving has always been about what the giver wants to say and not what the recipient wants to receive, right? Can I get an AMEN?

Man, this itching is making me cranky…

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