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We had the usual horror show before we went to dinner tonight: I tell Elly she needs to sit on the pot before we go out, it’s gonna be a long time before she will be able to pee in her own pot so she should really get in there and try, she has a MAJOR meltdown.

I close the bathroom door so she can melt in peace.  Suddenly, she stops mid-howl.  I hear a cheerful and excited “I’m doing it!!!”   And she had.  She peed.  In the middle of her tantrum, she jumped up and made it 89% on to the pot (a bit… how shall I say… dribbled).  I swell with pride…

But wait, there is more!

We got home, I said, “Take your panties off and go try to sit on the pot.”  And she did!  No fuss.

Better still.  She did her business.  ALL the business that can be done on the put, she did.  She peed, she pooped and then she jumped for joy all over the place!

Whoop-PEE!  Today is a Hall of Fame, red letter, think I may go bronze the turd kind of day!  The only letdown is that I have to go empty some potties now…  eewww.  Some how, I actually hate this more than the diapers.  Think Tony would kill me if I left it for him?  A world of gross?

I have high hopes for tomorrow…


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I have a tummy ache this morning. Most likely, it is because, yesterday, Eleanor and I ate Bruster’s Ice Cream’s Birthday Cake (in a waffle cone) as an appetizer. Yup. Ice cream before dinner.

I promised her we would go for an ice cream if she took her nap and then got up and peed on the potty. She did, so I had to. On the way there I asked her what kind of ice cream she wanted.

“Red ize cweem for Eleanor” she said.

RED? Well, there’s cherry or chocolate raspberry or something close tho that… That will be red, I guess. But when we got there, the lady in front of us received through the little slide window, a mound of blue and white ice cream with sprinkles. “I wan dat one!” OK. What is that?

“Birthday Cake Ice Cream” Wow! Anyone who knows me can tell you. I. LOVE. Frosting. I thought, up until yesterday, that I couldn’t get enough of the suger-filled fattening stuff. I now know; there is a limit to my butter-cream bliss and my icing idolatry. TOO sweet. WAY too sweet.

Nevertheless, this is one of the things about parenting to which I have been looking forward. When given the choice, I will generally pick from about five “regular” flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, butter pecan, Moose Tracks Denali, and mint chocolate chip. Eleanor doesn’t know what’s out there. It’s a whole big new world of ice cream flavors and textures that she’s never experienced. Grape? Go for it! Bubble Gum? Be my guest! White chocolate cherry? Why Not? There’s more than 31 flavors these days, so, this could take a while.

By the way, Elly got to wear big girl underpants to the ice cream stand. She kept them dry the whole time. Needless to say, I took her pants off when we got home to see if I could get her to pee twice in a row in the pot. When my attention was focused elsewhere (on Saralyn), she went over to her sister’s baby swing, sat down and peed. What a MESS! There I was thinking as I stripped the fabric off the swing and used about a roll of paper towels on the hardwoods, there’s not enough ice cream in the world to make this mess worth cleaning up.

Two steps forward…

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Measure twice and cut wildly

I’m moving as fast as my baby laden bod can carry me to get ready for Crown List next week. Bambi and I are going together to the big SCA event where the next King is determined. I haven’t said much about the SCA here in, oh, EVER since I’ve not been super involved since before the girls were born. Now I have the need to get things in my life back around to MY interest. Having a job and a little income helps me do that. Also, my good friend Chuck is in the competition this time around, and if I were a betting woman, I’d bet on HIM to win it big. Hence, all the preparations. (I’ve appointed myself the head of Chuck’s Cheering Committee. Some organizations have steering committees, Chuck’s got a Cheering Committee. I’ve make a few table decorations and whatnots for his field-side pavilion and I’m making hospitality area behind his tent… THIS should be fun. )

In my excitement of getting re-involved, I’ve been sewing a new dress. Viking Style. I’ve made these before, so I’m no novice, but I got to trying to cut out the pieces of the over dress last night at 10 pm. Guess who forgot the underlying maxim of dressmakers and carpenters everwhere? I failed to “measure twice and cut once,” and now, 6 days before the event where I NEED that dress, I have to run out and buy MORE fabric.

I hate when my haste makes waste

Nevertheless, I am having a high time planning and shopping and cooking and painting… I’ll take some pictures next weekend and post them here.


In other news, Eleanor got a singing potty from Bambi yesterday. I have to say this may be the most annoying invention of all time, but Elly sure loves it. She says “I want da muse-ket potty! Muse-ket!” I love when she say music…  Has she peed in it?  Nope.

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