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Finally, we are home.

Thanks to all who helped us, sent good wishes, called and prayed.

I’m gonna rest a bit….


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Fingertip dilated

WE-are about to get real personal.  If you’re not ready to know me that well, turn back now.

You’re sure?  


We went to the doc today, and they did another ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid levels.  They are less than they were last week (12.3), but are at a fine level nonetheless (9.5-ish).  I wish I could say the same for Lake Lanier.  So, I am not suffering from my own personal drought, just my own personal heatwave.  It’s nice to finally feel that nip in the air.  But I digress… 

I told the doc that I’ve been having these shooting pains low in my abdomen and down my legs, but they don’t really feel like contractions.  They are getting more frequent by the day, however.  She says that they are just the baby pinching a nerve.  It’s a put up with it till delivery kind of thing.  Ugg.  Then she did a cervix check.  I love the look that docs get on their faces when they go to check a cervix.  It’s like the look you get when trying to find the hood latch on a Chevy.  Sure you pop the hood from the inside, but then there’s always that fishing around that happens to actually release the lid and get to the dipstick.  Docs always make that face.  But I digress…

Doc says that I am FINGERTIP DILATED!


We are in uncharted territory!  Last time, I was clamped down tighter than Cheyenne Mountain at DEFCON 4.  It just so happened that fissile material couldn’t even break through that gate for Elly’s birth, and now I am at fingertip dilation!

Before I got too excited, I asked the doc if she thought I would go into labor before the scheduled C-section next week, and she said she really doubted it, but that stranger things have happened (and there is a full moon tonight…).  

Although Saralyn is head down, the doc says my cervix is way high and the head is higher still.  She says that every once in a while a baby that high does get delivered vaginally, but she is pretty sure she’s gonna beat the baby to the punch.  Oh, well.  As my best friend occasionally reminds me, there is no actual trophy for pushing the kid out myself.  Doc B. also promised that this scheduled C-section will be much more pleasant an experience than the last one.  I’m thinking that the only way it could be any less pleasant is if a shark attacks me in the recovery room.   But I digress…

It’s down to this: today’s meeting with the doctor was the last visit I will have before the C-section this Wednesday.  (I will go to the hospital on Tuesday for a pre-op meeting with the anesthesiologist and to have some blood drawn.)   IF I go into labor, I will try for a normal delivery, but most think that is not likely, so I resign myself to the c-section.  My parents are coming on Tuesday to stay the night and take Elly for the next few days.  The doc seemed to think I could go home on Friday if all goes well.

There will be updates here and pictures at the baby status.com site.  I will send an update to remind folks what the password is for babystatus.  I’m just so excited that I began to dilate on my own.  No matter what happens now, I know that it’s a whole new ballgame!

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I’m the kind of person who, given enough time, can find a silver lining in any situation. Few situations don’t have an upshot somewhere. For example, a tree crushed our house a few years ago, which caused us a great deal of heartache and stress. In the end, however, we got to remodel a good portion of our house and it made our home more valuable. Call it stress equity.

So, when EVERYONE got a nap yesterday but me, I said to my self “at least I will sleep well tonight.” I have an unfortunate condition known as waxing and waining nap failure. Symptoms include tossing-turning, bed discomfort, household chores and blogging, resulting in an inability to nap or nap at the proper time (you know, when the toddler is napping.) The importance of napping while pregnant is well proved (most recently by Dr. Bunsen Honeydew of Muppet Labs). I want the very best for my baby, so I follow all the top guide lines for pregnant women: no skydiving, cut back on the heroine, avoid mechanical bulls and take naps. Pretty simple really.

I’ve been having a higher than normal occurrence of nap failure lately, and it’s spreading. I now am having nap failure during SLEEP hours. Like last night. Unfair to MOMMIES!!!

With just 7 days till my C-section and the arrival of my little Saralyn, I just can’t seem to sleep properly – day or night. Last night I was up 4 times to potty, and a dozen more times to try to get comfortable. Tony left me to relish the King sized bed and all 7 pillows all by my self, but no joy. Nest as I might, I couldn’t sleep well. And I am all hot again. It’s one thing to funch your one standard pillow looking for the cool side, but when you’ve got one pillow under your tummy, two along your back two under your head and one or two down along you legs and feet, well, it’s a half hour project to just rearrange. It looks like I’m being packed up for trans Atlantic shipping! Tossing, sweating, groaning; that’s me.

In short, I wake up more tired than I was the night before. Sigh…

In my head, I know that there is only one more week of THIS particular discomfort, then it’s a whole new world of aches and ouches. So, I at least have SOME kind of change to look forward to. But I want a sweet, relaxing, refreshing, calming nap now.  (I’d settle for my feet not swelling…)

I keep saying “The silver lining is Saralyn. The silver lining is Saralyn. The silver lining is Saralyn…”

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