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I actually really love it when FireFox updates in the middle of the night and wrecks my session while I sleep. It gives me that little “Well, this is embarrassing…” page.  OOps! We’ve forgotten the 3 bagillion pages you left open.  Wanna start a new session?

Sure I do. It’s nice the way they take responsibility, and then move on. (Take note Cheeta Tiger Woods.) So here goes.

I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks. ANYWHERE – not seriously anyway. This is embarrassing. Forgive me?

Whew! Now that the grand apology is out of the way. HI! I’ve been really busy lately. Holiday. Book publishing. Whatnot.

The Thanksgiving holiday went great. People came. My parents cooked the bird. Everyone else brought sides. Very warm room. I loved my tasty mushroom loaf. Very few leftovers.

Speaking of pigging out, the diet and exercise are paying off. As of my trip to the gym yesterday – the official weigh in place – I’m down 19 pounds. Very pleased.  (Yeah, I was just too weak to write before, that’s it!)

Looking for a house – still – this is embarrassing! Too annoyed to discuss, so I will just sum up: 6 houses offered on – no contract. BA!

Eleanor is a working hard on her preschool Christmas play – she’s a cow. She has several speaking lines – mostly of the “moo” variety. He principal says she know ALL the words to ALL the songs, and she was rather impressed with Eleanor. I am, too. She is very attached to the Little Mermaid soundtrack we have on endless loop in the car. Filling the roll of both diva and director, she assigns parts to everyone, “YOU! You’re the sisters, you are Sebastian, Sara – this song is your favorite! Now, Mommy, YOU sing!” Eleanor and Saralyn are ALWAYS Ariel. I need to get Tony to secretly video the two of them singing “Part of that World.” Elly is rather off-key and Sara doesn’t know how to speak all the words. It’s about the most charming thing ever.

As for my third baby – my book – I have my first books signing coming up next Saturday – 12/12 at 12-noon. Sara’s Godmother Sam is offering up her shop on Main Street for me to have this shindig. I’ve spent hours on Vistaprint designing tee-shirts and post cards  and trying to figure out how to get the most free stuff. I’m getting pretty good at it. Who wants a Chenda Tee? I have been invited to two Sci-Fi Conventions – Chattacon in January and Deep South Con (Charlotte) in June. I’m frustrated at Chattacon already (my contact there is way slow with the details) but have high hopes for DSC. That reminds me – I need headshots.  Who will trade Photography Services for books? Anyone?

This weekend is the Lilburn Christmas Parade – an annual tradition for me. I really like this parade. I hope to see you all there! But, if you see me, don’t bring up my dearth of blog posts; it’s just too embarrassing.



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This week, Elly’s preschool is studying the letter “P”. They get to wear their Pajamas to school today and have a pizza party. Parents can Participate if they Prep themselves in PJ’s and Promptly Present themselves at the Preschool for a Pizza at half Past noon.
Guess who is going to slip into something a little more comfortable and have lunch with her offspring?
I wonder what they will do next week for Q. A Quick Quail hunt, Perhaps?

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I was so surprised to find all the little sweets and gifties in Elly’s bag today when she came home from school. It seems that about half of her class came with gift bags for everyone. I guess I missed that memo. However, I don’t feel bad about it.

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Day one

Eleanor went to preschool today and I survived.

She went in head held high, said “Bye Bye” and trotted down the hall, and I blubbered a bit.  This was just the longest day ever without her.  Part of me said, it great that she is growing and learning.  The rest of me screamed, “YOU JUST LEFT YOUR KID WITH PEOPLE YOU MET YESTERDAY FOR JUST AN HOUR!”  Trust issues?  Oh, yes.

I think this will work our just fine…

… Unless she can’t get over this hitting other children thing.  The teacher came out to the car pool area to deliver my child and tell me to “remind Eleanor about using kind hands.”  I’m horrified, but not surprised.  I’m shocked but knew it was coming.

Guess who got no TV tonight…

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Well, we went. And the theme of the day was NEW.

First thing this morning, we went to Eleanor’s new preschool.  It was nice.  They really seem to have worked out this whole takin’ care of little ones thing.  I’m now the mother I have always dreamed of being. I even have a hang tag for the carpool lane!  I’m Snack Mom week after next.  I think this will work out fine.  Eleanor played with the other kids and got into EVERYTHING.  The two teachers seem like they will keep my kid alive just fine for three days each week.  New preschool experience: check!

Then we went to the potential house.  What can I say?  I am feeling a bit like Goldie Lox here: Looking for just the right size and slightly smoked (I do so love a fish joke…).  The point is, our current house is too big (well, not exactly, but the schools suck – which is just a problem that is too big), and the potential house is too small (especially for the price), and we have pleanty of time for just right.  Also, the floorplan was really odd.  Some of that I really liked, however, but the master bath… WAY TOO SMALL.  It wasn’t even 4-feet wide.  Small.  I could see myself living there, but Tony and the girls would have to get rid of a LOT of junk.. (My stuff is stuff, their stuff is junk.  Funny thing is that they feel that it is the other way around.)  Never the less, the seach continues, and is now more refined.  There was a very similar house around the corner (read: in a cul-de-sac off the main road) which was 40-thousand dollars less, in a little rougher shape and more appealing to me.

We are going to see some other houses in the neighborhood on Saturday.  Then we’ll have a lot of thinking to do.

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It’s been a case of GO-GO-GO all weekend long.

Friday, we took a friend from church to Trader Joe’s and went out to finished watching Heroes: season 2.  Saturday Morning, the whole family and friends went to the Decatur Book Festival.  Eleanor marched in the Madeline Parade.  I made her a costume and she SO looked like Madeline.  My whole day was made when we got out of the car and a random street mommy shouted, “Oh it’s MADELINE!  Oh, how adorable!”  My head swelled with pride and I walked away from the car without the diaper bag or camera.  Having to go back for them deflated my nugget.

The book festival was CRAZY full of kids.  My Madeline was one of dozens.  However, I was one of the few to make a costume rather than buy an off the rack getup.  I only mention this because I made Elly’s costume out of weather appropriate cotton, and the store bought costumes were made of two layers of polar fleece.  There were little toddlers a bakin’ all around town!  The girls all got balloons and cartoon do-dads and kazoos for the parade.  Eleanor was a bit overwhelmed as the parade started, but she settled down as we got walking and waving.  Target sponsored the Children’s Pavilion and handed out tote bags and other stuff.   I bought some hand-made paper at one booth, and picked up lots of hand-em-outs.   We also got tickets to the see the last days of an Egypt exhibit at the Carlos Museum at Emory University.  Whereas – it was SUPER hot, we trotted on over and had a poke around.  We also stopped at Everybody’s Pizza, an Atlanta pizza landmark.

Sunday was the last day of Pastor Ed’s time at All Saints.  Then we went to Granny and Pop-pops for the night.  We had a great time all together, till it was time for bed.  Let’s just say, pants were wet, and one toddler was still up at 2AM.  And some nameless Mother was WAY unhappy about it.

Morning came, as it always does, and we were off and running again.  This morning we went to the grand opening of a new swimming pool in Gainesville.  Very Nice.  VERY NICE. Eleanor was a bit of a fraidy cat, but Saralyn seemed to really enjoy herself at the low fountains.  Chinese for lunch. and then home.  We ALL napped.  All.  Yea.

Tomorrow, we take Eleanor to meet her teachers at preschool, and look at the potential house.  Big day.  I am sure to blog about it!.

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