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I was looking for help on this quilt conundrum I’ve been facing, and my best friend offers this advice:

Okay, here’s what I do in this situation: I very carefully stare at the craft project at hand, scratch my head, and then tenderly fold them up and put them in a labeled box in my closet until I can work up the gumption to do something about it.

Yeah, it doesn’t get them finished, but then at least I’m no longer staring at them and I can move on to the next not-to-be-finished craft project. ;- )

That’s SO funny! The baby sitter was coming last night and I decided I couldn’t let a 17-year old see my house looking like it was, so I put everything but the basted quilts away and the sewing machine. As I swept and laid out the Easter decorations, I looked at my quilts, then folded them neatly…

This is why Trish and I are best friends. Not only do we see eye to eye on most things, or at least agree to disagree (Huckabee? Really, you voted for Huckabee? Rock me Ba-rock-me Obama-dius!), we NEVER judge one another for unfinished craft projects.

But, alas, one of these quilts needs to be finished this weekend. I need to get it off to a baby shower on Friday. I did get a good idea for how to quilt in a straight line, though. Another quilter suggested that I use masking tape as a guide for making straight lines. (I bought one of those pens that are supposed to mark lightly on the fabric, and I couldn’t get the thing to write at all. It’s frustrating to me both as a quilter and a writer!)

So, I need to find some tape and get sticky with it. And, honestly, I have to assure myself that the baby won’t care what pattern I quilt on the the blanket. Infants really just want warm food and dry pants. Good friend, who support you no matter what you choose to do (or not do), are a blessing they can only hope for in the future.


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Needed: a little hand holding

OK.  I confess.  I’ve got three quilts ready to be quilted and none are done.

I want to machine quilt them, but don’t really know how.  And, I’m a coward when it comes to messing this up.  WHAT? DO? I? DO???


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New Quilts

I thought you might like to see what I have been doodling around with for the last several days:

Here’s a Fish Baby Quilt for an employee of my husband:fish

This is a Hugs and Kisses pattern quilt: I’ve never tried this complexity before. I usually just make things up as I go. I think it turned out OK.Hugs and Kisses

Back to cleaning and baby care…

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