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FINALLY – A response to an agent query that didn’t say NO! I got a “SEND MORE PAGES!” Happy dance!

Ok – I know this is not the same as a yes, but it’s better than a no. I just sent off 30 pages of my baby. The response from the bot was – you’ll hear from us in two months. Again, I hurry up and wait.


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A rejection more real

Saw Julie and Julia last night. Best. Movie. In YEARS.  It spoke both to the foodie and the writer in me.  GO. SEE. IT.

Today was a Tonyless Saturday. He’s been working a lot of Saturdays lately. It has to do with his new job title (same pay – less help). ANYWAY, I gave up and went to my parents house and took them and the girls to the happy fun pool near where they live. That was after stopping at Wal-mart to buy the girls swim suits – as I rewashed their sandy suits this morning in the kitchen sink and left them there. Dope.  Eleanor about wore herself out with all the jumping and sliding and so on.  Saralyn did the ickyest thing possible in the pool.  You get three guesses. And I had to clean her up. Ew.

I got to read the first two chapters of my new book to my mother, that’s always fun.  She loves to hear me read to her, especially when I write the words. However, not very objective.  Mom’s rarely are, not the good ones anyway.  Supportive to the last, moms are.

I just got home and there was a self addressed stamped envelope waiting for me.  A real rejection. One of the ones that I had to send through snail mail. I sent it in mid June and it’s come home to stare at me.  I don’t mind the e-mail rejections so much. I put a star next to them, record each one in my notes, and click on the next missive in my “in” box.  But that letter – it’s going to hang around, mocking me. It was printed on really nice paper, too. The kind with a water mark. Textured. Where do I put this?

I would have loved to have had that agency – Oh, let’s call it Huggy-face – to represent me. I’d have died of happiness. Alas, Huggy-face  has an “already crowded list,” and “are forced to be extremely selective when considering new clients,” but  “appreciated the opportunity to see your material…”


Oh, wait, that was Saralyn.

OK.  Ok. ok.  I’ll keep going.  SOMEONE out there must want to represent me. Especially when Steampunk is the new vampire.

Speaking of vampire novels, Books a Million had a display table of JUST vampire novels for a, oh what was it? Something catchy like Sink your teeth into summer campaign.  There must have been 75 titles on that table. Wow. Did you know that most of those tables, end caps and “New This Week” displays are positioning paid for by the publishers?  What? You think THOSE books end up on the front table because the staff liked them best?  NOPE.  Just something to be aware of as you “browse”.

I’m going to lick my literary wounds.

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Gag me

Two more rejections today. IF you are keeping score –  I have sent 20 query letters to agents, and only 6 can still be considered to be still alive. Dat’s a lotta rejection.

Sigh.   SO – I am going to start writing a new book. Take that!

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It’s been almost two weeks since I got a rejection letter from an agent.  I take this two ways. First, I know that not getting a ‘no’ isn’t entirely like getting a ‘yes’, but avoiding a ‘no’ is better than getting one. (Whoever understands that crazy sentence gets to be mayor of Wackytown.)

But, on the other hand, I agree with Tom Petty as he sings, “Waiting is the hardest part.” I get to live the delusion that agents are out there, right now, mulling over my work with a serious eye. Oh, they want me, they want me bad…  But, I digress.

There’s rejection, and then there’s neglect. Take the 54 people who looked at chapter one of Chenda and the Airship Brofman yesterday.  I have to say that 52 of you didn’t leave a comment as instructed.  Oh, yes, I looked at the stats every 5 minutes. Just because Cherri commented 17 times (pointing out various and sundry comma errors) it doesn’t let you off the hook. Props to Honnoria for the comment I kept.

Feed the hunger of the comment junkie, people! I’m not getting paid to write (yet) so for the love of all that’s holy – stroke my ego! … or at least say you were there, or leave a pebble on my headstone or something.


Whiny Author.

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I got this letter today (the names have been changed to protect, well, everyone):

Dear Emilie

Thank you so much for your interest in Shmancy Literary Agency. I am afraid, however, that I will have to pass on this project. As I am sure you are aware from my website, your manuscript is simply not what I am looking for. I would recommend contacting GIGI at YOUCALLED agency. Tell her that I recommended her for this project.

Best of luck with your writing and I wish you success with placing this manuscript.

Agent Guy

Shmancy Literary Agency

How about them apples…?

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Yep.  Another. Polite, but no feedback.

For those scoring at home:

15 queries sent.

3 rejections.

1 DCU-WCY overdue.

I guess that means I have 11 live ones out there.

Here’s the part where I itch to send out more queries….

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I’ve been a busy bee this weekend. The grand total for Literary Agents I am sending letters to is now up to 13.  I just received a quick rejection from one I sent an e-mail query to yesterday.  I won’t name names, but you might stumble across him in my blog roll. He’s got great advice on his blog, so don’t flame him.  Sadly, no feedback, but he is a “query only” kind of guy who merely says thanks or no thanks. Hence the quick turn around.  There’s no backlog in his in-box.  That’s appealing in an agent that doesn’t want my book. So now I hurry up and wait – for the next rejection.

I am dusting my mantle for my mother of the year award. One kid ran into the middle of a busy parking lot today.  While I turned to yell at her to come back, I closed the car door on the baby’s hand. I sucked today as a mother before 9AM.  Yikes.

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