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Well – It’s the night of the month I like going out best: Dinner with the church ladies, Pat, Becky, and Claire.

We FINALLY got to go to the 1910 Public house, a restaurant in Old Town Lilburn that has been AGES in the opening. Just about everyone in Lilburn wants this place to be a hit. Old Town had just about shriveled up and died after the Blue Rooster closed. The service at Blue Rooster was horrid, but the food was good, the sweets AMAZING and the price and the hours were just right. Now, the 1910 Public house lives in the same location, but the building has been completely gutted and remodeled into a modern space.

So, let’s start with the space. Saying the paint is still fresh is an understatement. Two of the ladies in our party in white blouses ended up with stains on their elbows from the table varnish (Clair was in short sleeves and I was wearing black). Oh, dear. Not good. The indoor seating area bustled with activity and conversation – a bit too noisy at times. The bare walls, metal chairs and wood tables absorbed little of the sound. The outside seating seemed a whole different experience. Things on the patio were cool and relaxed. If the weather is good — sit outside.

The waiter was attentive, never was there an empty glass, and the menu had a good variety. Rolls came to the table, but they were nothing to write home about. (I asked the owner about them when he visited us at the table – “Are those made on site?” He said everything is made fresh there, or at his other restaurant SPRIG. They bring the rolls in from there.)

I ordered two small plates: chicken livers (with peanut butter grits, grilled pear, and celery root coleslaw) and fried pickles. I. Love. Chicken livers. And these were good. The peanut butter grits were interesting, and the flavor went well with the mellowness of the livers, but mostly it didn’t make me moan with delight. The slaw and pears – again were good, but not great. I was a bit disappointed in the pickles. I didn’t care for the SWEET pickle flavor. I like a fried dill pickle. I’ve been craving a fried pickles for weeks and was a bit let down. They were thin and limp. They were just okay.

Becky and Pat both got the pasta primavera. The presentation delighted the eye, but the flavor lacked that special something. It should have been better. Pat enjoyed hers, but didn’t rave about it, and Becky took a few bits and decided that she would enjoy it more at home with some added spices. Not a giant win for Pat, and not even close for Becky.

Claire ordered the black-eyed pea salad. Beautiful. A colorful display on the plate, but again, no OOOOOhhhhs or AAAAaaaahhhhs. The portions were moderate, the price also. I enjoyed my chicken livers, but anything up off “aweful” will do for me when it comes to chicken livers. The rest of the gang isn’t so sure they will come back. We REALLY want a good restaurant in Old Town. So on that point alone, we will come at least once more.

We discussed THE great restaurant in Lilburn – Three Blind Mice – which is just up the road a piece and wondered if we’d gotten too spoiled by that wonderful place. But the sum of our dinner really was – Meh, 1910 Public House was just OKAY.


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I love the fish I had today.  We went to Ted’s Montana Grill and ordered their Special: App, entre and cookie = $15.  I got the Salmon.  Best I’ve ever had.  Go Ted’s!

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