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Guess who came to Lunch?

SANTA and the Mrs.!



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The Storybook Tree

The Storybook Tree

Last night, when the kiddies were all tucked in their beds, Tony and I got the Christmas out.   As we are trying to sell our house, we just got the tree and the stockings out, and one or two other little things, but I feel better now having it out.

This years tree is a story book tree.  It has all the books on it for which we have coordinating toys: Elmo, Biscuit the puppy, Grinch, Curious George, the sheep books, Mickey Mouse, Maisy the mouse and so on.  It really turned out great!  What do you think?  I do a different theme tree every year and usually try to do something with what I have on hand, which means ‘on the cheap’.

Elly wandered into the kitchen with me this morning, saw the tree, gasped and froze.

“It’s Merry Christmas Day!” she said.  I explained that Santa came last night and hung the stockings and put the tree together for us.  If she’s really good, Santa will come back and bring her presents.


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Evil bearded man syndrome

Saralyn and SantaHere’s what not to do with a toddler at Christmas time: wake her up early from a nap, upset her whole routine, wrestle her into fancy clothes, ignore her screams of protest and spring a life size, human Santa Clause and wife on her while she’s disoriented.  Use extra flash for the pictures.

In short, Eleanor freaked.  Big time.

Our friends Dallas and Christy are a professional Santa and Mrs. Clause.  They’ve been doing the Father Christmas routine for a ton of years and are super, SUPER good at it.  They came by the house today (as they do every year, as a favor to us) to have pictures made with me and Tony, my parents, our kids and any one else who cares to come.  They are patient, entertaining, kind and just all around wonderful.

But to my two year old, they were two Satans incarnate.

Mrs. ClausePoor Eleanor didn’t know what to do.  She wasn’t about to go sit on either of their laps, and we weren’t going to force her.  We tried to show her it was safe, and Tony and I each had our picture made on the Jolly Old Elf’s lap, but she wouldn’t get within ten feet.  In fact, once we let her go away from the photo area, she wouldn’t set foot in the room they were in for the rest of their visit, about two more hours. At one point, I took her to the nursery to see if I could get her to calm down, and she told me that “he’s scary.”  I was impressed that she could tell me that she thought that Santa Dallas was scary.  I didn’t know she could name that emotion.  Oh, well.  I hear that by the time they are 5 or so, they grow out of this.  Time will tell.

However, we got some great photos of Saralyn and Santa.

The parties today were a great success, and I have a TON of leftovers, so I’m done cooking for the week!  Yea me!   Now I am taking my weary butt to bed, as tomorrow, we make cookies at Grandpa’s!  More Holiday Cheer!

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