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The Billy Joel Elton John concert last night at Phillips Arena was great.  The show started at 7:30 and rocked until well past 11PM, no intermission.  Those two guys have a combined age of more than 120, but they keep it shakin’ all night long.

I’d like to thank all the people who made last night possible:  Thanks, Bambi, for aquiring the tickets, and Sam for watching the kids until 2AM.  Thanks to Tony for having a MARTA plan to get us downtown on a night where 40,000 other people wanted to do the same thing, NO thanks go to MARTA, which didn’t bother to add any more trains on a night where there would be 40,000 extra people going downtown (two hours to get from our arena seats to our car- 8 miles away. Just another way MARTA stinks, but that’s another blog.)  Thanks to the waitress at Seasons 52, you made service an art.  Thanks to Elton for wearing the penis ear ring.  I mean, we get it, you are gay and you are in your hometown, which is also way gay, but a wanky lobe trophy on the jumbo-tron is HILARIOUS.  And last but not least, thanks to Billy Joel.  You are SO funny.  Thanks for the “I didn’t know Jim Kramer played piano,” joke and for playing “Georgia on my Mind.”  I will treasure last night’s “Italian Restaurant” forever.

All in all, I rate the evening a 9.5.  Whoopie!


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I couldn’t have cared less about the Superbowl yesterday. My friend Bambi has introduced me to a wonderful tradition of hers: Crowd Avoidance Sunday.

This great holiday coincides with Superbowl Sunday every year, and is marked by a wondrous miracle. It give mere women the Moses like power to part the seas of waiting diners and enter in to the blessed land of great cuisine.

In other words, we go out for dinner and a movie, and never have to wait for a table at what would otherwise be a packed restaurant.

On the holiday schedule yesterday were Sweeney Todd and Seasons 52.

Sweeney Todd was pretty good, and we had the theater mostly to ourselves (However, there were a gaggle of teen girls in the lobby on their way to see Hanna Montana). Bambi and I try to see as many Oscar nominated films as we can before the big Oscar Party I have every year. (This year’s theme will be Breakfast at Emilie’s. If you haven’t received an invitation yet, it’s because I find you socially unsuitable and unable to be housebroken I haven’t sent them out yet.) Johnny Depp is up for Best Actor, but, after seeing Sweeney Todd, I can say he wasn’t my favorite this year. I think that he needs to prove his skills again. His last dozen or so films involved him playing a nut of some kind. I want to see him play a normal guy for once. It annoys me when actors get nominated for playing the guy they are. Like George Clooney in Michael Clayton. “Do I look like I’m negotiating?” With the writer’s guild, or the UN? Yes. My money, and vote (if I had one), would be on Viggo Mortensen. His transformation into an Eastern European mobster was just fantastic. Dead on. And I would know, ’cause I hang out with so many Russian crime lords. But I digress. I found the CGI in Sweeney Todd to be way distracting from the story. But, not a bad way to slice way a little time on a Sunday afternoon.

Dinner, however, marked the highlight of the evening. In a word, Seasons 52 is YUM! The theme of Seasons is fresh and light. The menu changes with the seasons, and the food is prepared as lightly as possible, so no butter or cream sauces here, and nothing deep fried. (There is a lot of seafood.) In fact, nothing on the menu has more than 450 calories. So, we ordered several dishes to share around. First off, Bambi and I ordered one of their flatbreads (the rosemary and Parmesan crispbread – which gets served in this neat paper cone holder), Cranberry Tabbouleh and a Housemade Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli (here, the thinness of the pasta made Bambi feel like a celebrity judge on Iron Chef America. She was gaga for it.). After that, Bambi ordered the pork Tenderloin Skillet, which is served with spinach, herbed polenta and cremini mushrooms (which, for Bambi, are ALWAYS optional, and are for me a tasty delight. Eat your mushrooms? I don’t mind if I do!). I had the Canadian Black Mussels = delightful. And garlicy. I am pretty sure, between the ravioli and the mussels, I ate an entire head of garlic. It’s a wonderful food, and so good for you, too, that I don’t even mind the smell… um… aftermath?. Tony, on the other hand…

All were delicious, but I loved the tabbouleh the best. It was like a dessert salad with all the cranberries and toasted slivered almonds. There wasn’t too much of that grassy flavor that I love in regular tabbouleh salad. Oh! I almost forgot to mention dessert! They serve Mini Indulgences, which are little square shot glasses filled with classic desserts: German Chocolate cake, Tiramisu, Rocky Road (which I had), Key Lime Pie, Red Velvet Cake, Amaretto Cake (Bambi’s choice), and Carrot Cake. D-lishous! And the little serving presentation was super cute.

Seasons 52 is an all-around winner. A special occasion place in which I will always think of Bambi. It has a great wine list and the atmosphere is elegant. I even liked the piano bar singer. However, on a night that is not Superbowl Sunday, the place is a snarl to get into, and it is NOT a kid friendly place. So plan ahead.

As a final thought, the only thing I do miss about Superbowl Sunday is at new TV ads. But I have found, that like most other things I want to know about, the Internet can deliver what I desire. What was your Superbowl day like? Did you watch the game?

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