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I spent the whole morning cleaning out Saralyn’s closets – sorting the piles into Consign – Goodwill and Junk.  I took a whole diaper box of too small clothes to the consignment store, lugged them in, got a gash of a paper cut from the box and found out that they don’t do kids clothes any more. What they did have – balloons out front.  Guess who cried all the way to the next consignment store because she wanted a balloon but couldn’t have one? Sorry, Saralyn… The other store made it feel like giving up a kidney. They said 40 times I was entering a BINDING contract. Whatever. The next stop is Goodwill for these clothes if you don’t take them.  They did. I was happy – now – how much will I get for them? I guess I don’t really care.

It’s seams really unfair that ALL I did today was fold, sort and organize clothes, and MY laundry is still in giant piles on top of my dresser waiting to be put away!  It is nice that all the girls’ clothes now have room to live in their dressers.  But mommy “burnt toasted” herself again. (You know that mommy syndrome – where you make breakfast for everyone, and you get left with the burnt toast? It’s the mommy way…)

Tomorrow is picture day at school – Eleanor got to pick what she wanted to wear this year and she picked her overalls. “My very own favorite,” she says. Now, if I can get her up and moving in the morning in the direction of the shower… that will be a miracle.

Who want’s to see the cover of my book?

Chenda cover galley J

I love it!  What do you think?
It will be available soon – VERY soon – In time for ALL your Christmas shopping soon…


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A wardrobe breakdown

I posted recently about going to Kohl’s to spend my birthday money.  I shopped for ME then, and I have done it again today.

My sister commented to me when she was last here that I MUST take up buying pants for TALL people.  It’s always rather bothered me that folks who make clothes for the ample of bosum and broad of thigh tend to imagine us as being very average of stature.  I’m tall.  Not Yao Ming tall, but tall.  I hate looking for clothes because the shops are ALWAYS out of the tall.  Shouldn’t that be a clue to the people who order the clothes?  If you are ALWAYS out of the Tall sizes, shouldn’t you be arranging for more?  Also, people of average or petite builds can make pants shorter, but no one can make average trousers any longer.  I am super pleased to have found the Holy Land for the Zaftig* Tall: the Avenue.

I got pants – lots of pants. Tall pull-on pants.  4 pairs of pants.  Denim and twill.  Blue and Black.  Some with pockets and some without.   I also got a bottle of perfume, a bracelet, pantyhose, three shirts and a very cute pair of pajamas (I’ve decided to treat myself to more pajamas.  I love jammies and I deserve to sleep cute.)  Between these two shopping adventures, I feel like a woman with a new wardrobe and a happier outlook on life.  I’ve felt nothing but dumpy since Saralyn was born.  I wanted to pull myself together and feel better about myself.  In the absence of a great workout place and time thrice weekly, this will suffice for now.

Man alive, I am smokin’ in some of these outfits!  Now, about my hair…

*Zaftig – I love this funny word.  It’s Yiddish, and it means juicy.  (And you have to say juicy with an overtone of smut, too.) Hubba hubba…

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Black Friday

I went shopping today.  For MYSELF.

I’ve been waiting for this day since my birthday.  I got TWO gift cards from Kohl’s Department Stores, and I have been waiting for a sale deal that stretches my bucks.  I did very well, I think.

I got 5 long sleeved cotton shirts, one pair of three-quarter length lounge pants, two sweaters (one cotton, one silk), a satin blouse, a stuffed Curious George and his book (for the girls), Chutes and Ladders, a toy TV remote for Saralyn and another shirt.  Less my gift cards = $42. Then they gave me $30 in store cash to use next week.  Shopping – practically free!

Wow, how did I do that?  I hate shopping. I haven’t been shopping for clothes for myself in at least a year because it depresses me totally.  Nothing fits.  I can’t find what I want in my size.  The stuff looks better on the hanger than on my back.  I had to gear myself up and take my sister along as fashion adviser.  She was blunt about her assessment of the clothes I tried on.  At one point she mushed my boobs together to make sure they would look better if they were “higher and closer.”  I would have been offended, but she was SO right.  Moosh away, sister..I’m putty in your fashion hands.

Tony got up and out at 5AM, snatching up deals before the crack of dawn.  He says he got just about everything he was hoping to secure.  He and Bambi shopped and shared breakfast before I was even out of bed this morning.  My sister and I didn’t get our shop on till 11, and we didn’t miss out on much, I think.  The girls were incredibly patient, and, aside from Saralyn’s 5 poopie diapers, a joy to be with today.  (By the end of the day, we were shopping for a cork!  Stinky Stiny Stinky!!!)

This afternoon, I helped my parents set up their TWO Christmas trees, and when we came home, I set up my own.  I hope to have pictures to show you soon, so stay tuned.

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