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12 hours of MISERY!

I made waffles for my family yesterday.  Yummy Waffles.  Blueberry syrup.  MMMmmmmm….

And then I didn’t feel good.  I felt wimpy at work, I felt chilly when I picked up Eleanor at school.  I felt raging ache when I napped through the afternoon. At bed time, I felt as if every nerve was hooked up to a car battery and I was standing in a puddle.

I don’t know what it was, but is sucked.  My stomach HURT!  A lot.  I couldn’t poo, I couldn’t barf, but, oh, how I wished to.  I had a fever, I had chills.  I burped brimstone.

And now it’s gone.  12 hours later – Done.  Was it food poising?  Virus?  I treated myself with mass doses of Grapefruit Seed Extract and Tylenol PM.  It’s seems to have helped.  I still don’t feel like eating though.

Eleanor also was sick.  She was holding her tummy when I picked her up from school.  She barfed in the night, too.  I suspect that if I had eaten dinner, I would have barfed, too.  She seems fine this morning, and is happily eating her toast and Cheerios. Alas, we are staying at home today just to be sure we aren’t going to get a relapse.  Eleanor is going to miss her Thanksgiving feast at preschool.  I was supposed to go and be room mother, too.  Not today.  No way…  There would be a “special” place for me if I got a whole roomful of toddlers sick.

What dark force descended upon our happy home?


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I’m a mean mommy.  I’m keeping Eleanor home from school today.  It’s firetruck day, too.  But we are all still super sick.  Our combined tonnage of snot is equal to the Ghanaian cocoa export.  Unlike West African Chocolate producers, we have no buyers for what we are producing.  Not even the Chinese.

I was wondering if there is a chiropractor out there who could set me up with a special adjustment where I cold lie flat on my back so it won’t ache, and have my head rest nose down so it can just drip.  Any bone crunchers out there willing to try?

Saralyn is better than the rest of us, but she can’t drive and has no place to really be alone, so she’s quarantined with us.

We’ve got videos and soup.  We’ve got toys and games.  I’m even making some yeast bread (banana Cinnamon!).  What we don’t have, is a comfortable position to lie in while we sneeze and wheeze.  This too shall pass…

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