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Barf bounceback

It was the smell that tipped me off when I opened the door to Eleanor’s room. It took some further investigation to actually find the puke folded neatly into the white comforter.
Ugg. Not again.
For those scoring at home, Saralyn has had it and is OVER it, Eleanor has had it and it has come back, and Tony had it Monday night and is slowly getting over it (he’s up to jell-o now).
I am nervous that I have not had it yet. I don’t want it. Can’t use it. I’m running away to work today to see if I can keep it away!


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My pet plague rat Skippy.Hey, What are you doing here? Don’t you know that we here at Casa Blogservations have the plague?

Didn’t you see the big black X on the door?

Ring a’ rosie?

The hunchback out front with the two-wheeled cart chanting “Bring out your dead…. Bring out your dead…”?

Plague. Rasping, rattling, slug in your lungs, black death. All of us. About 10 days now. Food of the plague gods.

Saralyn has the stuffiest nose, I have the rankest cough, and Eleanor has the least of it, but still coughs something up every now and again, then cries about it. “Mommy! Eeeeeugh! Dere is a cowff id my mouff…”   Saralyn just cries if you try to wipe her nose.  That kid can make some amazing snot bubbles.  Tony is way in denial and is therefore spreading the Creepy Crud to all his coworkers and students. Hey, Airborne, I want a kickback on the cold remedy goldmine my husband is creating for you! I have a feeling if I try to go to playgroup tomorrow, the other mothers will throw stones at me.

Please be so kind as to drop the chicken soup at the door and back away slowly. Wash your hands and don’t inhale till you reach the state line.

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