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Going to Chattacon in Chattanooga, Tennessee? What a small world, so am I. So I guess I will see you there in just under two weeks. Here’s what I know about the Steampunk panels at Chattacon:

There will be a Literature Panel, a Fashion Show, a Maker’s panel and one called The Great Debate: Tesla Vs. Watt.

There could be more, but this is what I know of today.

I look forward to seeing you!


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Steamy Suggestions

Alias Mother – a way cool chick in her own blog –  asked for some Steampunk suggestions.  There’s always my book – Chenda and the Airship Brofman (click tab above). But so many folks find only getting one chapter SO dissatisfying.

So, let me clarify. I will now attempt to make some sense as to what this aesthetic is:

Steampunk is a sub-genra similar to Cyberpunk, itself a sub-genra of science fiction. The basic elements are the look and feel of Victorian Europe, steam power, cogs, brass gears, pith helmets, airships, adventure and the marvels of technology.  There are two main “families” of Steampunk: past and future.  The past is historical fiction set in the age of industrialization, the future branch focuses on a dystopic time that resists its state and harkens back to the Golden Age of Victoria. Think Keefer Southerland in Dark City.

NOW! Some titles that you may recognize: I would say Will Smith’s Wild Wild West movie is a pretty basic Steampunk example.  Sy-Fy’s Warehouse 13 has a great number of Steampunk gadgets, which truly tickle me, especially the warehouse’s main computer.  League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and The Time Machine also qualify in my mind.

Music – The quintessential Steampunk band is Abney Park. Go. Listen. They lyrics are a bit childish, but the show looks AWESOME!

Books often recommended as the best in Steampunk: by far the most recommended is The Difference Engine by Gibson and Stearling, and The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers. I have read neither – I was keeping them for AFTER writing Chenda, as I didn’t want to start stealing.

Does this help? What other steamy suggestions do people have.

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I wrote a novel.


It took two months.

It has 23 Chapters and an epilogue.

It’s 94,000 words long.

I think it’s pretty good, but everyone tells me title has got to go.  Chenda and the Airship Brofman.

At least no other book has that name, so that’s a plus.  The entire novel has been read by three of my friends, and will post their reactions.

What is it about?  Um, Chenda and the airship, duh?  Just kidding.

Chenda is a sheltered young widow whose husband Edison was a recluse war hero.  When he ends up murdered, Chedna learns he’s been keeping some dangerous secrets, and discovers a set of instructions for her.  He wants her to travel across the sea to a hostile land so she can meet a mysterious figure who can reveal her birthright.  Along the way she loses almost evertying she’s ever had or known, but gains friends and a valuable gift from the gods.  Most importantly, she discovers who she is.

Basically, a steampunk adventure romance featuring gods with a sense of humor.

But it hardly matters.  I did it.   And I feel really good about it.

NOW, what I need more than anything, is a bath.  Writing is hard, stinky work.

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