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My first clue should have been that things were all quiet. Too quite. Eleanor had been on her own for several minutes, and I was happily dorking around over coffee with the church secretary in the fellowship hall.

I look suspiciously around. “ELEANOR!” I called. “Here I am, Mommy, I find deez.” comes a voice from my office. Ah, she’s run back to us with here little stars necklaces. OK. Good.

She tottles off to the nursery to play.

I go in to my office.




What a mess!

She’s poured all the glitter into a pile in the middle of my office carpet.



I didn’t kill her, but I thought about it. I’m pretty sure the Tooth Fairy put her up to it. However, it was kind of pretty there, all sparkly and such. Scooping as much of it as I could back in to the canister was a riot. I just seemed to be spreading it around more. Then I was covered in tiny shiny bits. I called he to come into my office and she collapsed on the floor. “NOOOOOOOooooooo…” She knew what she had done and that it was WAY WRONG.

After play group she walks up to me and says, all sad, “I’m sowry I pour gwitter in you office, Mommy.”

And, just like that… all is forgiven.


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I’m not sure how this happened, but Eleanor is ALL about the princesses lately. Princesses! She flits around the house saying, “Ima pwiddy pwincess!!!” and “leds go to dah soccer pardy!” (Don’t ask, it’s from a Super Why episode…). I honestly would be less freaked out if she were into bear baiting or string theory analysis. I mean, who does that anymore???

I look at her and think, “I didn’t raise you this way!” Honestly! Princesses? PRINCESSES!!!

I. Don’t. Understand. Bambi says it’s a phase, but I don’t recall a princess fixation in my own history? I know that I want her to fully explore any area in which she has an interest, but I may have to hold my nose to go through this “rose garden” with her.  It’s so… pink.  Ewejjh!

BUT, that doesn’t mean I won’t use this princess craze to my advantage!

“Princesses use a fork,” I say.

“Princesses don’t fuss when they get their nails clipped,” I say.

“Princesses say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.”‘

And finally, there are the princess panties I bought her today. For each day of the week, there is a different Disney princess to grace my eldest’s bottom. I let her choose from a 40 foot rack of cartoon marketing. She wanted Disney Princesses. After I wrestled them out of her wee clutches at the Target Checkout Line, we brought them home. We sat on the bed for a long time and and looked at each pair: Ariel has red hair, Snow White has black, Jasmine has the purple flowers, Belle has the tea cups, no, I don’t know what movie Aurora is in, etc. We talked about keeping the princess panties dry. “IF you need to pee, TAKE THE PANTIES OFF. If you poo in the panties, I am THROWING THEM AWAY!” And I mean it!

“Princesses use the potty.”

She says she understands. She says she does. But she also says she’s a princess.

At this very moment, she has the Jasmine panties on and is napping. I fully expect to have to wash the sheets after nap-time, but hey, that’s why I got the waterproof mattress pads. Tying and trying again. That’s my theme song!

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